Free Media Leads

Reporters told me they needed sources … credible sources who pitch on topic. So the technology company I own created an online PR portal connecting journalists & sources. It’s called PitchRate and it rates media experts (and their pitches) so journalists and producers can get to their best interviews quickly without having to review hundreds of off-topic emails flooding their inbox.

PitchRate saves the media time. So they use PitchRate. It has massive sign-ups daily and serves thousands and thousands already even though it just launched February 2009. If you are wanting to connect with the media, there is no better media lead source than PitchRate and it’s free, so what are you waiting for! Sign up today.

4 Responses to Free Media Leads

  1. Linda Posey says:

    Hi Michelle —

    THANKS for creating I just responded directly to Karen Leland about her search for Lexus owners making a difference in their communities. Thanks for what you’re doing to help worthwhile stories get attention.

    Cheers —
    Linda Summers Posey
    Fine art, jewelry design, writing, writing/creativity coach
    Founder and 2007-2008 President, Artists Alive and Well, Inc.
    713-781-1030 (home)
    281-451-3808 (cell)

  2. michelle you are a great help to us little business people you give so much of your time thank you for all you do for us as a community our social community of 104,000 thank you from your heart
    your friend for ever
    Efrain Cepeda

  3. Dana says:

    This site has a great amount of information. Thank you so much!

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