1000 Words

January 29, 2009
A pride of cheetahs

A pride of cheetahs

How do you tell your story? Today, it better be with visuals, like photos. Our society is too fast paced and too visually stimulated by others to not have the extra goody of, “Mom, I like to read, but let’s see the photo” satisfaction. In the photo above, I’m with my mother, my husky “Lou Lou” and a dog, Earl, we’re babysitting while my friend Dan rides his motorcycle from North Carolina to Argentina. We had this photo taken on Halloween at our local pet store, Pet Source, and I love it. In a second you can see me, the people (pets) I love and my sense of humor. Maybe you don’t like the photo, but I bet you can agree it’s eye-catching. You think what’s that? (It did win an award at the store, by the way and we got $50 which we of course put right back into the Innova pet food we buy there each month.) Headshots are necessary, but you need more than that when you’re telling your story to the media. Because, let’s face it, head shots are boring – or can be boring. You need that photo that speaks 1000 words about your story. Take a photo of you in action with your clients or working with your community. Then, the media will take notice because you have another offering — something visual for them to educate, entertain and tell your story to the public. A photo … who doesn’t love to see photos!?! The media’s the same.

Wasabi Club

January 27, 2009
The Wasabi Club meets the last Wed at 1 pm eastern

The Wasabi Club meets the last Wed of every month at 1 pm eastern


This month The Wasabi Club will be interviewing Michele PW, the $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist — you won’t want to miss this! For years I’ve been talking to clients about how they need a marketing plan IN ADDITION to their PR plan and often they don’t heed the advice. And then what happens? You have great credibility from all the PR exposure, but wham … no results. What could be wrong? A former freelance writer, Michele PW will explain how to make the most of your PR plan alongside your marketing efforts so in the end, yes, you too will have $Ka-Ching!$ results. Sign up for the Wasabi Club or see this month’s ProfNet posting specifically for publicists around the country.

Got tech?

January 23, 2009
Click on the image to learn more about Dan's classes.

Click on the image to learn about Dan's classes.

Today I heard about a publicist whose email addresses on the web and those she’s giving people this week are bouncing. And when told about it, she didn’t seem surprised – she just gave another email address. Hmm. Does your publicist give good tech? She better or you’re losing a lot of ops with the media. Today the media seeks experts on the Internet so if you don’t have ALL your information optimized on the internet then you’ll be bypassed. We’re working with Dan Hollings on a new project so check him out above. Click the image to learn about his upcoming classes. He’s just an internet God and if you need help, check him out. If you’re wanting to optimize your media presence online, be sure to get an online press kit with Press Kit 24/7 which optimizes everything automatically. If you ask your publicist about online press kits and they say, “What?” get another publicist immediately. Shoot call me. Or, if you’re a publicist and you say, “Why online press kits,” quit being a publicist, or call me for help. Get tech or get out.

New Day

January 21, 2009
Obama on CNN

Obama on CNN

Did you watch Obama getting sworn in yesterday? I cried. I’m sure you did too. It’s a new day here in America. Get your media pitches ready and start planning for campaigns related to Obama’s changes. If you’re lucky, you’ll be chosen by the media to comment on how the changes are affecting the nation and globe at large. Start your engines now.

Press Releases

January 19, 2009
Gingerbread House from Grove Park Inn and Spa (yes, it's all food)

Gingerbread House from Grove Park Inn and Spa (yes, it's all food)

Face it. Press releases don’t work. Why? Media feel like, well, if it’s released out on the wire as a release, everyone and their mother knows about the ‘news’ — it’s no longer a scoop. If your message is truly breaking (like a fire) then okay, issue a release. To get results, generate personalized pitches in the form of an email, phone call and cover letter targeting your prized media contacts. Get to know them and work your expertise and press information inside what they want, not what you think the media ‘should’ cover. That rarely works and is more likely to be trashed and worse, annoy your targets. Let’s look at the example above. The Grove Park Inn and Spa issues press documents related to their gingerbread competition. They may issue releases on the winners after they’re chosen, but you can bet your bottom jelly bean that they make phone calls to the major media they want to cover the gingerbread competition BEFORE they issue the press release to the world at large. It’s only smart. It’s the ‘scoop’ the major media want. The only other reason to issue a press release is to be ‘found’ on the Internet when the media searches for your topics, business and expertise. But a good online press kit with back-end coding, like Press Kit 24/7 does much better at getting you noticed than an old crusty press release.

Short and Sweet – TV Soundbites

January 14, 2009
Beroset on WGN - click to view video - give time to download

Beroset on WGN - click to view video - give time to download

Can you make your point in 30 seconds or less? If you’re on TV, you have to. You only have 4 minutes to make your point and educate the public. In this example, I helped prep Landmark Education Communication Expert, Deborah Beroset before appearing on WGN’s Superstation to discuss an exercise on how to “Recession Proof Marriage.” Notice how Beroset gets to the activity quickly and succinctly. The viewer is left with an action point they can do later today. This is a great way to provide value to the producers and viewers. The producers look for interesting content to put on the air and the viewer only tunes in if they are finding value in what you say. Most people think being on TV is an extension of ‘their news’ and quite frankly, no one cares about your business, service or product. What they do care about is how your business, service or product makes a difference in their lives and how you can educate them on living a better life. How are you keeping it short and sweet today?


January 7, 2009

Well, we made it back to Asheville from the taxi cab accident in Peru and you can see from our photos that my husband’s hopping along just fine on his crutches. For New Year’s we went to the world-famous Grove Park Inn and Spa near our our home in the Smoky Mountains. They have a Gingerbread House competition every year that attracts thousands of people and tons of media coverage. If you ever wanted to do a contest to promote yourself, model your plans after the Grove Park Inn’s gingerbread house competition. Others even use it to promote – check out a video from a travel site featuring the city of Asheville.  I noticed the Inn and Spa added more shops to their complex to capture some revenue from all the gingerbread traffiic. Brilliant. Even the local daily newspaper is finding a way to generate revenue off the contest. A good contest can be PR magic and lend itself to prosperous new years time and time again. The entries themselves are not only all food, they’re pieces of artwork. The carousel, by the way, was the winner. Notice the detail. Just amazing. Here’s wishing you a great new year, too, and if you do a contest, let me know. It’s one of my PR firm’s favorite things to promote.

My husband and I celebrate New Year's at the Grove Park Inn and Spa

My husband and I celebrate New Year's at the Grove Park Inn and Spa click on the photo to see a gallery of more photos including our tour of their gingerbread competition; the other woman in the photos is my mom, known as Oma to most.