Pave It Forward

May 22, 2009

Elisabeth Fayt Dallas Segment

It’s all about tie-ins. My client, Elisabeth Fayt tied in a popular phrase from a movie, “Pay It Forward” with her law-of-attraction teachings she calls, “Paving it Forward.” So we pitched that to NBC Dallas Anchor, Brian Curtis who promptly covered it while I was in Dallas last week.  Two segments resulted from the pitch. One was a news spot feature and the other a longer segment on their website. The first one reached the Dallas population and the latter will increase Elisabeth’s Internet presence. She’s pretty surprised how quickly the online press kit my PR firm created for her popped up on Google page one. That’s because our team uses back-ended coding to increase search engine positioning. You should for sure ask your publicist what technology tools she uses to increase your Internet presence. Social networking works too, but for sure you need great websites to make you attractive to media searching for sources. Why don’t you “pave it forward” and create yourself as a go-to media expert with tools like Press Kit 24/7 ? When CBS Early Show calls (like they did for another Press Kit 24/7 client last week) you’ll know you’re on the right road.

Stomp It

May 6, 2009


Today being a media expert is about being searchable on the internet. Yesterday’s Page Six has become today’s Google Page One. How do you become “noticed” online when you start? Easy. Make sure you’re using SEO or aka search engine optimzation. At my PR firm, Wasabi Publicity Inc., we automatically optimize all our clients using Press Kit 24/7 which boasts some of the most effective SEO back-ended coding I’ve seen in the industry yet. I’m thrilled with how quickly our online press kits and clients get noticed. You can also maximize your presence online by using social networking tools.  Just keep learning when it comes to making a splash online. It’s ever-evolving. Before you know it, you’ll be stomping it too, just like the rhino I photographed last fall during my Disney vacation above.

24 Hours

May 1, 2009


Okay, got egg on your face? Has the media called you and you neglected to call them back same day? CBS Early Show called a client of mine and needed stories. Feet were dragged for one reason or another and wham, opportunity lost. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 20 years of doing PR, it’s when producers and reporters call YOU MUST meet their need in a 24 – 72 hour time frame. Period. Especially if it’s major media. They work on breaking news time-lines and you know what? With social media growing, that 24 hr time frame will become “instant” soon and if you snooze, you lose. So hop to it and get yourself technology that enables you to respond within a timely fashion. Your media portfolio will thank you for it. Oh, and don’t worry about my client missing the Early Show. I’ll clean it up for them and you can bet, next time, I’ll make doubly sure they get back to producers next day … next time I’ll chirp louder and if that doesn’t work, I’ll call in a rooster to boot.