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Michelle lives life on the edge seeking every adventure. She claims, “The only risk in life is living a risk-free life.” Here are some photos from those adventures.

Find family photos at Michelle’s personal website

In 2009, I was a speaker at Arielle Ford’s 21st Century Book Marketing Event. Here I am with Jack Canfield and the other speakers.

Unexpected Thanksgiving in Peru 2008 – Michelle’s husband gets hit by a Peruvian taxi cab head on while on his KTM motorcycle and Michelle flies to Lima to help him recover. See the photos of the hospital, the accident and misc walks & bike rides Michelle takes while Shannon is house-bound and can’t walk without crutches. You’ll even see an ocean cliff-side mall and the Park of Love by the ocean.

The Monday before Christmas 2008 Michelle and her husband enjoy dinner at a 4th century ruin known as the Huaca in Lima Peru. (Say Wah ka).

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