Ads and PR

June 21, 2010

Today I spoke at the Asheville NC chapter of the American Advertising Federation.  Are you using PR to complement your advertising? How do they work together? A while back, I was interviewed by CNN Money to discuss the two and how to use both together.

Here’s what I discussed today! I took video if you couldn’t make it. (Links below.) Be sure to sign up for a complementary online marketing training program when you sign up to be an expert at Pitch Rate – this way you can receive the actual pitch I used to land a client on Dr. Phil within 8 hours of her signing her contract. Plus, you’ll get actual media leads.

From AAE’s newsletter about the presentation … (links to video from the actual presentation have been added post-event)

How to Use Public Relations to
Complement Your Advertising Strategy
with PR Expert Michelle Tennant

A finely honed ad might get you noticed. A strategically placed print or broadcast news story about your product or service can get you instant credibility, raise awareness about your business, position you as a respected “expert,” and drive new customers to your door.

“Storyteller to the Media” Michelle Tennant shares tips on how to harness the power of effective public relations. A 20-year public relations veteran and co-owner of Wasabi Publicity and Blue Kangaroo, Michelle will discuss the way PR defines your relationship to the public; why you need to tie your pitches into current events; how to create and nurture positive, effective relationships with the media and the elements of the perfect pitch.

Added post-event:

There are media clips we played on the large screen and discussed. 1) a clip using celebrity breaking news 2) a clip that illustrated a seasonal holiday tie-in and 3) a print media placement that repurposes content also used in TV coverage.

After watching the four videos above of the presentation, feel free to end with this brainstorming session we had with the participants present.


Email Etiquette

June 17, 2010

Do you have email etiquette? I mean, do you take someone’s email and automatically include them on some time-wasting joke email list-serve? You know what I’m talking about. Someone gets your email address and then all of a sudden you’re on some sort of joke email list. Shoot, one time I was copied on an email where hundreds of other people were copied. I couldn’t believe the sender didn’t hide our emails. Well, do what I did… think like a publicist, meaning, always be pitching, plugging and promoting. Years ago I made a work email policy to “reply all” to ALL emails I get where people are carbon copied outright. You could get introduced to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people out there via emails where you’re boldly copied and viola, instant and easy PR. Try it. (Just watch your P’s and Q’s when you do.) At the very least, it will make people think twice about putting your email address on an email list-serve without your permission. I’ve gotten new business, higher Google ratings and unfortunately tongue-lashings as a result. But hey, I’m a publicist. Take a risk. Put yourself out there and get introduced. Like I always say, “It’s not just who you know. It’s also who knows about you.”

Hello, think Jello!

June 17, 2010

 Don’t take yourself too seriously. Think of Jello instead. It jiggles. It wiggles. It makes us giggle. Especially in interviews, think of Jello. Hello! Yes, I said Jell-O! While you’re speaking to media contacts or doing media interviews are you taking yourself too seriously? Lighten up. I was kayaking once with a daily newspaper contact and she said one woman kept calling her, literally yelling at her in the phone asking her why she wouldn’t write an article about her topic. Whew. That is not the way to win media coverage on anything. Nor is it the way to win friends. This is especially true in controversial interviews where many times the public is watching a debate choosing which side to take. People gravitate toward people who have fun in life and so will the media. I mean, most of us would invite hysterical Joy Behar but I’m not so sure what type of people would invite blood-rising Rush Limbaugh. So giggle. Jiggle. And put some whipped cream on that media coverage.

Watering Your PR Garden

June 11, 2010

If you want great PR, are you ‘watering the garden’ every day? Consider the relationships you have with media contacts are just like tender seeds in a garden. If you don’t nurture and grow those relationships, you will not see the contact develop into media coverage. So, just as we all are watering those 2010 flowers and herbs, be sure to reach out to your prized media contacts. Plants love rich soil. Media love personalized pitches. Flowers love sunshine. Media thrive on breaking news. Weeds can choke your baby plants. Being overly promotional can turn off producers from using you again. And if you feel plant food helps maximize your gardening efforts — I think my mom uses something called MiracleGrow — use incoming media lead services like PitchRate where daily you get leads you can grow into a beautiful media coverage hot-house.

Generation Gap

June 3, 2010

Are you using generational differences to impact media coverage? My client, columnist Tonja Weimer has one story angle about dating over 40 and here is a placement in Diva Toolbox. See how she uses an age-old (pun intended) topic of dating but puts a fresh spin on it — over 40. Viola, who wouldn’t be interested. Even twenty somethings are reading it for their moms. Maybe 40 is the new 30 afterall. Whew, thank goodness. As you know I turned 40 last August! Take age-old topics and spin some fun into them.