Get Personal – I did

February 12, 2010

Do you share personal stories about yourself with others? Do! Especially the media. They cannot resist a good story. They love them even more around holidays, like Valentines Day! In this case, the mention didn’t get my companies mentioned but it does prove my ability to work with a freelancer to get top-notch coverage, so see, even if you don’t get “a plug” you get exposure. And, best of all, you spread good cheer in the world. I often say to my clients, “I’m just a goodwill megaphone for you.” And I truly believe that. What gets me so excited about being a publicist is I share positive, life-impacting stories with the media that may even uplift and inspire you. To that end, click on this link to enjoy this very personal story about me on AOL Personals. Oh – and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Want to see the card my husband used on moving day/Valentine’s Day to catch me off guard and propose to me? Here you go. I grabbed it from my souvenirs box.

Record Your Life

February 9, 2010

I got the funniest recording of a phone call today. A friend sent me a recording from Tom Mabe. I looked him up on the Internet. He’s a comedian who keeps a recording device by his phone and when he gets a telemarketing call, he pranks them. Hysterical. The one I heard he told the caller he was a detective investigating a homicide and now the caller should be investigated too because he’s calling the home where a crime was committed. It really was funny. So check out Tom Mabe whose sells, “Revenge on the telemarketer.” He’s got free downloads at his site. But here’s what we can learn from this comedian. Number one, have a sense of humor when you make a phone call (receiving or making). Number two, record your life. How incredible! To make products out of his everyday life?! I started to do the same thing years ago – not as funny as Tom, but still – when people started asking me for free advice. I thought, “Whew, what’s in this for me? I’m giving all this free advice and it’s taking loads of my time.” So, what I started to do was set up recorded phone calls with the advice seekers and viola, instant line of recordings for the public at large on how to do PR. It’s been great — for everyone: the people seeking PR advice (they get it free), me (I get to turn my recordings into products, articles and more) and you (the public) because you get to listen in and learn tips of the trade. You can sign up to hear the recordings at my PR firm, Wasabi Publicity. All in all, the best evidence to record your life. Maybe you can profit from it too!