Got Ink? Catching Air Time?

May 12, 2010

It’s all about catching air time, right? Sure it is. Whether it’s extreme sports or PR (both staples in my life) that’s what counts:  Regular ink and air time — each week. So I wanted to share with you some recent ink.  

There’s also caught air time featuring my current clients – whom I might add, are awesome. Hey, you should interview them! Well, if you’re a media friend of mine, that is. Regular friends… I’ll just send you these links to cool ink and air. Get some. Life is better with ink and air. Trust me.

MONEY EXPERT: 401K Scary But True Facts
May 3, 2010 New York Times Best-selling Author and Financial Security Expert Pamela Yellen Sheds Light on 401K Scary But True Facts on nationally syndicated First Business TV

May 6, 2010:  Landmark Education Chairman Profiled for Role in Resolving Dispute Between Children of Martin Luther King in New York Times Article 

TEEN LIFE SKILLS EXPERT: 3 Steps Transform Teens
May 7, 2010: Accelerated Learning Expert Bobbi DePorter Provides Teens Test Taking Tips Online, WGN and on San Diego 6 TV

REAL ESTATE EXPERT: NJ Mom of 7 (Foreclosure to Debt Free In Mths)
May 10, 2010: Real Estate Educator and New York Times Best-selling Author Dean Graziosi Discusses Moms as a Surprising Trend Investor on the Pat McMahon Show in Arizona and last year see him on WGN discusses real estate and the government. His own rags to riches life story is pretty compelling too. Read about it in Phoenix Magazine.

April 28, 2010 A new book from Hawaiian Lifestyle Expert and President of Kona University, The Foundation of Huna: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times, Dr. Matthew B. James transforms your health, career and family life with secrets held by the last mental health kahuna in Kona.

BUSINESS LIFESTYLE: 5 Steps to Second Incomes
April 13, 2010 Comedian David Wood discusses how to have freedom with work, your income and lifestyle. Further, he raised $50K for charity spreading his good cheer. You can too.  Should you (and how could you) create a second income in a challenging economy? How can you do it in one week? Take the freedom quiz and find out.

WEIGHT LOSS MADE SIMPLE: No Exercise Required. (Men Love This.) Plus! Hidden Dangers in Your Everyday Healthy Meals
April 2010: Funny-man and Fisherman Doug Varrieur Loses 100 Pounds and Goes on a No Sugar Crusade on TV to Help Others Fight Diabetes; Find Out What’s Harmful in Your Healthy Meals. Even his wife lost weight … with no exercise.

HEALTH EXPERT: Are Your Emotions Making You Sick?
April 22, 2010 Dr. Dena Churchill has a background in biology and psychology. She bridges the connection between the mind and the body.

HOME EXPERT: Storm Proof Your House Without Going Broke.
Hurricane Season 2005-Present: Home Expert Joe Schlenck from Deltec Homes Shows National TV Viewers How to Hurricane Proof Their Homes In the Round!

TRAGEDY INTO TRIUMPH: Hometown Hero For Healing/Teddy Bears Comfort Foster Care Kids
Former principal turned author, Dr. Raye Adkins shows the rest of us how to use letters to heal from tragedy (like losing a father before being born in the Port Chicago Naval Munitions base explosion on July 17, 1944) and then help orphans in Africa and foster care children in Texas with profits from beauty products and teddy bears.

MUSIC EDUCATION EXPERT: Low Cost Music Education for Kids
January 18, 2010 Don’t worry too much about budget cuts! St. Louis School of Music Teacher Laura Yeh plays and discusses how inexpensive music instruments, like the video-game-buzzing ocarina and the unique Teacarina, develops skills of all kinds in children on Boston TV. The host has a great time learning the benefits of music and so can you!

BELIEF EXPERT: Spiritual Vs. Religious (Which Are You?)
January 2010 Rev. Dr. Jonathan Ellerby discusses how you can have spiritual fitness at BeliefNet — coming in August 2010 … check out his new Hay House book and blog of the same name at Psychology Today, Inspiration Deficit Disorder

The Miracle on 34th Street

May 3, 2010

Do you think you should recommend your competition? I do. Be the Macy’s in your industry. Instead of turning people away, do like we do and see everyone as potential partners, not problems. My friend (and mentor), Joan Stewart, advised me of that 8 years ago. Joan said, “There’s enough business to go around.” Even in this economy, I truly believe that. People can sense whether or not you have an abundant outlook or scarcity mind-set and seeing everyone else as competition comes from fear, not fun. And who doesn’t want to have fun in business! If we can make a good living and enjoy what we do every day, I’m all for it. So, be the real deal … just like the ‘real’ Santa in that famous movie — recommend your clients to your competition. You know what, you’ll even find out that a few miracles come to you as a result. When I was at the Empire State Building last October (see video in the post) or even this past Thursday (video wasn’t great because they’re doing renovations) I pondered about Macy‘s as I looked at their building from the top of King Kong’s favorite skyscraper. It’s true, we have to be aware of what our competition is doing and how we are distinct and special from what they offer, but hey, like Joan said, “There is abundant business for everyone.” Through the years, I find that’s more and more true. So, ask me about my competition and you’ll only hear good things from me about them. Why? I might partner with them some day. And so should you.

Opening Buzz

May 2, 2010

I recently flew to New York to attend the Broadway opening of The Addams Family Musical. Any type of opening is a news hook. Are you having an opening? Why not buy a small video camera and capture people’s reaction to your opening and post it online?! It’s a great way to share the buzz with others. In this case, we captured people’s reactions at the reception after the show. It’s a great way to capture opening buzz forever. Fun, fun, fun.

Heating Up PR

May 2, 2010

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been jet-setting. First to Hawaii with our client. See some PR advice from the beach. Then, a couple of trips to New York for a Broadway opening and then to meet national media in Manhattan. I’ll post my updates on those travels. Meanwhile, I’m reminded of my own advice! Be sure you post to your blog several times a week or at least a month if you can … even if you are soaking up the sun on the beach! So, to catch-up on my own tidbits, let’s get some of the video to you.