Oh Where Oh Where Has My Blogger Gone?

March 3, 2015

Moving SignI’m a creature of habit. I’ve held onto this blog since I was in Peru blogging in 2008. So, while I’ve been reluctant to move from this comfortable blog spot, my support team tells me there is outdated technology here. Like an old blankie, I’m keeping it to peruse old memories, tips and clips. However, if you’d like to see my current blog posts, head over to Wasabi Publicity or Huffington Post where I’m putting to use my masters degree in human development, undergraduate degree in theater and my 25 years experience as an in-the-trenches publicist. Yes, I’ve seen PR transition from typewriters to Twitter. I’m that old. I’ve been writing since my 20’s when I won awards for what I wrote so I don’t anticipate not writing any time soon. (Probably not the most award-worthy sentence I’ve ever written. LOL.) As long as I have an audience, I’ll have something to say (wink). Oh, if you’re into my personal vlog, check it out at YouTube where I have a visual audience who hears about the Spinning classes I teach to beat blogger butt rather than the stories I’m spinning. I love what I do and want to continue to share it with you so follow me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any new social media site that’s hot-to-trot these days.

NEWS HOOKS So You Want to Be a Billionaire? IHOP, Forbes, Netanyahu and Measles

March 3, 2015

shutterstock_135426902 (2)Show me the money. It’s a famous phrase from a popular movie. I watch that clip and realize in business that’s really what we’re all saying in meetings, is it not? Well, in today’s news it’s no different. Forbes reveals the richest women in the world. It’s a surprising twist on the report. Minorities seem to be their focus this year. Or the young. So, it leaves much for the media to discuss today and you never know, they might be looking for your expertise. Do you know about women’s issues, minority societal challenges or what makes capitalism tick? Perhaps you’re an expert in business and how to grow it? All these industry specialties will be of use to media friends today.

In other news, the measles outbreak is still being covered. Calling all doctors. Still. Parents who have strong opinions about vaccines and health professionals who can weigh in on the ins and outs of keeping our families safe are still needed by media as they take this public conversation all the way to legislation. It’s a natural progression for public conversations. Breaking news, public discourse and then law. You can make the most difference by being heard and then of course, because we live in a democracy, the majority rules.  In fact, challenges facing Congress are reported in the news daily. Today, it’s Israel’s Netanyahu’s Congressional address. If you have political or foreign affairs experience, the media will need your help to present legislative discourse to the American public. Well, foreign media will be covering this too so it’s really a global conversation. If it makes a difference to what you’re up to creating in the world, contact media favorites and let them know you can contribute to the story at large.

Yesterday, I blogged on the power of free. The first news story I heard this morning while making pancakes is how IHOP is giving away pancakes today for charity, an annual campaign they run every year. March 3rd is actually National Pancake Day. We love pancakes at our house, but we only make them from whole wheat. How do you make yours? Gluten-free? Tax benefits to those eating gluten-free is in the news today as well.  There’s that word “free” again. So ironic in a blog post about being a billionaire. Surprising, but hey, if you’re an accountant, tax break expert or a chef, guess what, you can do a media interview today. Talking about pancakes and tax breaks in the same interview? Unusual, but in today’s news, the minority voice trumps majority rule. Let yours be heard over a hot plate of hot cakes.

NEWS HOOKS Who doesn’t like free? Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme, Ronda Rousey

March 2, 2015

Free Graphi PowDairy Queen did it. So did Krispy Kreme. People love to get things for free so when celebrating anniversaries and store openings, think about giving away ice cream and donuts. Well, that is if you sell those sweet things. If you sell something else, think about giving that away or some other way to get your audience participating with you. That’s what media do. They love to give things away. Oprah did it. You can too. But instead of giving away all your goods to your direct customers, what can you give away to the media?

Whether it’s advice, free chapters of your book, or a quiz for their readers, many media people are looking for ways to engage their audience. Try to tie these into breaking news of the day. For example, today, there are many topics to wrap around something you can give away to the media. Let’s look at a few examples.

A shocking study comes out today citing 1 out of 5 U.S. teen girls are physically or sexually abused while dating. Are you in a profession to help parents and these teens? Perhaps a doctor, psychologist, social worker or dating expert? Parenting advice, quizzes and other interactive ways to involve teen girls on how to stay safe while dating can really make a difference. Same goes for eating disorders, which was nationally honored last week. You can see how USA Today covered the story and how they used experts, real people and others to publicly discuss the topic and bring about awareness.

Speaking of girls learning to stay safe, Ronda Rousey has no trouble in that category and I bet if you asked her, she’d be all for teen girls learning Jiu Jitsu, one of my hobbies. Here’s one girl in a video demonstrating why women need to learn Jiu Jitsu, one or my favorite shared videos. If you’re an expert in UFC, martial arts or the progression of the sports to include women and attract women to use it for their own safety or career advancement, this week media contacts will want to talk to you. If you do martial arts in your local community – even as a hobby – the local media might want to learn about your insights. Wasabi Publicity, Inc. secured interviews for Hollis Coquhoun who combined her financial know-how with her self-defense expertise to create “financial self-defense” for women about to go through divorce. How can you combine your expertise, hobby and current news tie-ins to usher your good-news message, tips and advice to the public?

Think about what you can give away for free that will make a difference for someone else. It will come back ten-fold. Give, and it will be given to you.