Online Real Estate

July 30, 2009


Do you have your clients online? If not, you’re missing out on excellent search engine optimization opportunities. Look at this blog’s right hand column for “client links” and you’ll see all my current clients and if want to see everyone in my network from all of my companies, visit my PR search engine SearchPressKits.  Even online it’s about location, location, location. Link it up babies!


July 20, 2009

Do you get a contract when you purchase PR services? Personally, I like contracts. It locks people into commitments with each other and PR takes time to cultivate when done correctly so I’m a believer in signing contracts. For example, I have my nephews in town this summer for two weeks. They are teens and my husband and I felt it would be great to have them sign a contract to work and play hard. We called the contract, “FBI Agents,” that is, Fun Backyard Initiative Agents. It’s a commitment to us to try their best to learn something new and try some adventure. Well, they are loving it. See the videos of their rock climbing, gazebo building, whitewater rafting and more! To me, all we have is our word with other humans and when you are building something like your PR platform, you want the whole team to keep their word too! If your publicist asks you to sign a contract, the answer is, “Yes, I want you to commit to me, so I will commit to you.”

Fire Up PR

July 6, 2009


Happy 4th of July everyone; here I am at a private beach on Hilton Head island holding two Roman candles. I definitely saw some great fireworks this past Saturday. But,  are you seeing fireworks with your PR? If you’re using PitchRate you will. I spoke to a man a few weeks ago and he said he scored a six series interview with a nationally syndicated radio host through PitchRate. Wow. Now that’s some fireworks. And it’s free. What are you waiting for? Often, people wait to take advantage of some free tools. Like, do you have media lists? You certainly won’t see PR fireworks unless you connect to media. Years ago, my business partner, Drew Gerber,  found a free media list website and you know what, I still use it today even though I pay the big bucks for PR specific media lists. Why? Because of their organization. It’s at-a-glance. And I love that. You know what else I love at-a-glance? My calendar so I can organize my media outreach and my life. If you don’t put something in a structure, it won’t happen. And that brings me to my newest client, Dr. Brian Alman. He’s figured out a way to send interactive phone calls to dieters. These calls help dieters break yo-yo dieting patterns that could have started in childhood. It’s really cool and since he’s already been interviewed by ClearChannel — and he just started his campaign — well, he’s already experiencing PR fireworks of his own with my PR firm. Hiss, boom, bah. Yay!