Say No to Press Releases

March 27, 2009

I’ve been doing a lot of new client calls lately and the one thing I have to keep distinguishing for them is why press releases make the media feel less than special. You may have to do a press release if you’re a corporate entity and need the message to be searched on news wire services in the future, but that is the only reason to use a press release. It’s not the way to score the coveted news features clients always want. That is done with ‘dial and smile’ phone calls and personalized emails. Get to know your media targets and make them feel special. Make an effort to read their articles and tune into their shows. Otherwise, they will not be interested in your ‘scoop’ because guess what, it’s not a scoop when it’s in a press release on the wire service. It’s a world announcement and will be treated as such. To ensure that message gets out there, issue a release. It’s the only guaranteed way. If you’re wanting the credibility-building news coverage, do it the old fashioned way — enrolling people into what you’re doing and who you are. With social networking sites, it’s easier than ever. Seek out your favorite media on all your fav spots. For sure, link to me. Check out this blogs “411” page for all my profiles and get to know me. I’d love to see what you’re up to. My clients are at the bottom right hand nav bar on this page so of course, you can get a sense of what I’m working on. Let me know what you’re working on. Maybe there’s a fit!

Dr. Phil, CNN – how to get on top shows

March 25, 2009

Getting booked on Dr. Phil – today at 1 pm eastern/10 am pacific — join me at Wed 03/25/09 12:45 PM 1-712-580-8025 194645

If you miss today’s call there will be recordings at Wasabi Publicity – just sign up as a VIP member to get free marketing and PR advice.

PR Happy Hour – Join me tonight!

March 24, 2009

PR Happy Hour
Tuesday, March 24th
7:00pm eastern time
219-509-8111, PassCode 194645

Bring your questions on how to pitch the media!

PR Happy Hour

March 23, 2009

PitchRate is a perfect place to meet journalists and share with them your expert commentary. Are you pitching media effectively? If you’re not scoring ink or air-time then you’re not pitching effectively. I’ll be on PitchRate’s Happy Hour Tuesday, March 24th at 7 pm eastern and 4 pm pacific and like, PitchRate, it’s free so join me and bring your questions!

Dr. Phil

March 17, 2009

The segment featuring, my client, Dr. Jill Murray will air Friday, March 20th, 2009. I just heard from Dr. Phil’s production team yesterday. Tune in!

Dr. Phil, CNN, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell

March 14, 2009
Booking a client on Dr Phil

Booking a client on Dr Phil

The news around celebrity singers, Rihanna and Chris Brown, have been breaking. Are you letting the media know about what you can say about domestic violence? The public conversation is going to be out there whether we like it or not. Many of us feel celeb news coverage is played, but the reason the media cover it, is because the public tunes in. So, until the public demands something else, help the media out. This week, I gave my news media contacts specific tips from my client Dr. Jill Murray and within 24 hrs she was booked on Dr. Phil, CNN, and Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell. You can do this too. First, figure out what’s unique about what you’re saying about the breaking news. It must be original. Dr. Murray had lots of tips on how text msging plays into domestic violence. That’s fresh! Then, make sure you’re feeding the tips in a pitch that first establishes your credibility and then quickly summarizes your tips – no room for self promotion here – and then get it out. Dr. Murray had been on Oprah and her clips are posted on her website for producers to check her out instantly. The top media want someone proven and if you don’t have segments under your belt, you must first do local media to get practice before hitting up the big boys and coveted chickadees. Then, when you’re ready, purchase from your favorite PR firm a breaking news distribution package. Always be in front of the media.

Last Minute Request

March 3, 2009

I just got a last minute request from a radio producer and it made me think of something very important. If you want ink or air-time you HAVE to be able to respond immediately to requests. If you make media wait, they move on. It’s this way especially with coveted top-tier media like Oprah or Good Morning America and more. In fact, I’ve only been called by producers from these shows AFTER HOURS! Oprah’s peeps call Friday afternoon/early evening and GMA calls on the weekends. So if you don’t respond after hours thinking you can get media on “biz hrs” only, you are mistaken. Well, for sure you’ll miss out. Ask your publicist if he or she is available after hours and if you’re a do-it-yourselfer be sure you take your mobile and for goodness sakes sign up for and check out the new media do-it-yourself book by David Mathison, “Be The Media” so you never miss out on last minute ops.