To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

April 30, 2009


This week, I set up a segment with Fox and Friends for my client, Joel Comm called, “To Tweet or Not to Tweet.” I saw Steve Strauss’ USA Today Column where he proposes might be a waste of time. It was a great segment. Watch for it on Fox and Friend’s strategy room. Setting up a debate style conversation between experts and offering the opposing views assists media friends in producing a nice segment with little work on their end. Try it. What can you debate about today? People love a great debate! And so does the media.

Stand Up for Yourself

April 24, 2009

Good Morning America reported yesterday that those of us who sit for a living will raise our chances of dying earlier by 50%. Dag. I sit at a computer for a living. The alternative? Get a job outside, I guess.16523-royalty-free-clipart-illustration-of-group-of-silver-men-standing-proud-in-rowsBut I’m pretty sure I have a great job and I’m not too interested in changing it. Why fix something that ain’t broke? So, lately my chiropractor has me sitting on one of those big balls to help my spine and I guess I can stand up while I’m on the phone and don’t need to take notes (that’s never). So, I guess I’m on my way out early. But, hey, I have started running 3 miles in the mornings in anticipation of my 40th birthday August 2009. I want to do the Tsali Triathlon and need to actually run, bike and kayak well to do it. So, the mid-life fat is getting attacked once and for all. Meanwhile, while I’m on the phone calling reporters giving “good dial and smile” phone jobs, I’ll be standing or bouncing on my rubber ball. Life’s too short to do something you don’t love. And I love to talk and give good phone. The secrets of a great publicist. Now, I must bid adieu — see me bouncy, bouncy — I’ve got some NY-based producer friends needing a call back. And don’t forget … if you sit for a living too — stand up for yourself. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Life’s short.

Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day

April 23, 2009

Today, are you taking you son or daughter to work? Inspire their future and help them connect their school work today with what they may have to do to provide for themselves in the future. I’ve represented this program for a few years now and interacting with the media is always the same. They want to know how the current career climate impacts the program this year and what businesses are participating locally. So be sure to let your local news makers know you’re participating.

Working With Media For Free

April 20, 2009

Ever wonder what the media is working on and how you can work with them to get mentioned in the news? Check out — it doesn’t cost anything and it’s growing like wild-fire.

Twitter Tweaked Out

April 17, 2009

Is it just me or does Twitter need new servers? Gosh it crashes a lot.

Twitter Wars

April 16, 2009


I love it. Today I’m watching Ashton Kutcher challenge CNN to get more Twitter followers. Brilliant challenge. Wish I’d thought of it. Kudos to his PR team.

People love a challenge. They love to take sides to one story. This week I’m pitching top media dogs about Joel Comm’s new book, Twitter Power to see if they want to interview him against USA Today Columnist, Steve Strauss, who has played devil’s advocate on why business pros should not waste time on Twitter. What do you think?

Happy Easter – are you hopping to it?

April 13, 2009


Are you using holidays to generate PR for yourself? Why not? Pick four of your favorite holidays throughout the year and then mark media outreach reminders in your calendar 6 months, 2 months and 2 weeks ahead from those dates. Six months in advance, target your favorite magazines with great tips and suggestions related to that holiday and then send the sames tips to web portals and radio two months out and with 2 wks send to TV. Then follow-up. With that type of holiday rotation, you’re such to score some golden eggs.

Conversation Starters

April 10, 2009

This morning CNN is reporting that the worst of the economy is ‘probably’ past us. They’ve got sound-bites from Obama and are reporting on mortgage programs for Americans. How do conversations start? And could it be as easy as one story breaking? I remember when the media kept reporting that perhaps we’re in a recession and people got upset that the media might be creating a recession. Then we were in a recession. Why shouldn’t they start the conversation in reverse? It’s ended?!

And that’s how PR campaigns work. You get enough people buzzing about a topic and boom, you’ve started a public conversation that impacts public perception. It’s not rocket science.


April 8, 2009


English novelist, Rose Macaulay says, “You should always believe all you read in newspapers, as this makes them more interesting.”

Should you use newspapers? Absolutely. They’re still information providers to the public even if they are struggling in most cities. Those newspapers who have transitioned their revenue stream online aren’t hurting as much but for sure print based pubs have a lot to consider as the Internet continues to change our media market. More than ever, newspapers need content from media experts, authors and companies. Why? Diminished staff. They are open to briefs, tips, side-bars and much more so don’t forget to serve their media needs too. Their staff are working harder and harder [and with smaller staffs to begin with]. So give them a hand.