Pitch This

July 9, 2010

I love pitching the media. Media love pitches. What are you pitching today that will make their job easier? Here’s my fast ball:

> Five reasons businesses need to practice “conscious capitalism”

> Are you ‘talking’ yourself out of love?
> Is your bedroom too crowded? How idle chit chat can sabotage your love life.

> The surprising place to get your teen to talk: the car?!?
> Back to school: Why your teen needs a home office to succeed.
> Life skills 101: What teens are missing.

> Save! Bypass the market rollercoaster. Here’s a 100 yr. old strategy where no one loses a penny.
> Three questions most people forget to ask their financial advisors.

> Oil Spill? What ancient Hawaiian practices can teach us to repair our ocean, beaches and future.
> Sweat Lodge Deaths (trial in August): James Arthur Ray’s former teacher sheds light on the early years (he’s coming to Seattle, Portland, Denver and Newport Beach).
> Sleep deprived? Go from slow to go in ten minutes and two steps.
> Is junk talk making you fat?
> Why learning a new musical instrument can make you fit!
> Are your healthy meals sabotaging your fitness? The surprising ingredient in healthy meals (especially important for back to school and the holidays).

> What’s a sweet potato wind instrument and why this economy’s made it popular with music educators! [Music can be played.]

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