Keep New Year Resolutions … by TALKING?!?

December 30, 2010

My client, Landmark Education Communication Expert, David Cunningham appeared on CBS Radio Dallas/Ft. Worth discussing how to keep your New Year’s resolutions by TALKING. Two I’ve got this year are 1) Discuss my daily nutrition and exercise with a trainer and 2) Create adventure projects with my husband. Want to know how to “talk” your way into succeeding at your resolutions? Listen to it. It’s cool. If you’ve got plans to accomplish anything around health, wealth or love, you’ve got to hear this advice. The interview with Mitch Carr on KRLD is about 4 minutes long. I have already heard from other media wanting to book him for his tips. Remember this: “Media begets media!” Happy New Year!

The Greatest Story Ever Told

December 22, 2010

When I went to DePaul University, my history professor said Jesus had the best publicist (Paul/Saul) and PR about a book (Bible) in the world. One cannot argue. It is the greatest story ever told. If you don’t believe me, watch this brilliant video by the Portland Christian School sent to me by our accountant earlier today. Remember, any story worth telling will be retold by the media. So, take some clues from this great group of kids and prepare a Q&A, a funny video and for sure, maximize the Internet to tell your greatest story. Your story, too, will stand the test of time. Merry Christmas to you and yours. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, like my family does, then Happy Holidays to you. I wish you the very best for a wonderful New Year and I hope love and abundance fill your home and heart.

To Pitch or Not to Pitch: That is the Question

December 15, 2010

It’s that time of year when people “take a break” for the holiday season. But should you pitch the media this time of year? Or not pitch? I love Shakespeare. In fact, many of you might not even know it, I have a B.F.A. from DePaul University in theater. Let’s just say, those who know me well know I have a natural spark for the dramatic. With that said, you know who else likes the dramatic? Media. Why? You and I (Jane and Joe Public) tune in to whatever dramatic story they have on-air or in print. This time of year is an especially good time of year to do last-minute, short-lead holiday pitching (but forget magazines, they’re already into spring) and New Year’s or Valentine’s Day story ideas. In fact, Valentine’s Day is the most media-pitched holiday so get a head start. There are some poor souls in media who have to work through the holidays and they’re looking for assistance in finding a good (dramatic) story to tell while everyone is ‘on break.’  (You’re still watching and reading the news, though.) So, for sure keeping pitching. If you’ve got a dramatic news story to tell, there for sure is a media person who is out there willing to listen and get help from you. So, read your favorite sonnet for inspiration and get to writing. From a stage, Shakespeare fed the soul of the masses who shouted, clapped or threw oranges and tomatoes when they liked or didn’t like something. Today, we (the Joe and Jane masses) fire our likes and dislikes from our Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. Then and now, we’re still human and we all love a good story. Got one?

The Ultimate Gift

December 1, 2010


The New York Times reported on my client, Landmark Education, over the Thanksgiving weekend. So did Bloomberg Businessweek. Shh, I have an amazing December story idea I’m sharing with my personal media contacts right now. I’ll report back here in December on how I turned the “ultimate gift” of media coverage into the “ultimate gift” at your house. I can’t tell the whole world about it now as I don’t want to scoop my media friends. So stay tuned and I’ll share soon. Meanwhile, I hope you’re getting the gift of air and ink coverage. If you’re not, what’s stopping you? There are tons of media contacts looking for sources at PitchRate.