Political Buzz

October 31, 2008

Today a friend sent a video that makes fun of the election. Amazing example of buzz video … love it. Maybe you can use it to attract some PR to you, too.

Hey Mabel — Did You Know?

October 29, 2008

Media love trends, tips and scoops. PR’s that simple. Communicate a trend, your tips or news scoops to the media and they will thank you with a mention in their article or on-air show. Pitching the media, I heard from Arden Moore in The Wasabi Club today, is as simple as calling them and saying, “Hey Mabel, did you know _______? I love that. Hey Mabel, did you know PR is as simple as calling the media with a trend, tip or scoop? Check out how my firm “calls” the media.

Global reach? Really?

October 28, 2008

Most of us will say, yes, I reach the entire globe because of the Internet. But how many people do you really reach on the other side of the planet? How many people do you talk to on a daily basis who are 12 hours ahead or behind you? I love being a publicist who serves client global needs. Why? Frankly, I love communicating with people in different countries in different time zones. It makes me feel on a daily basis my work truly reaches the globe. I guess Sister Ancilla in first grade couldn’t have predicted my permanent record would include the world. Wow, what pressure! She would have certainly gotten me to get in line had she referenced global leverage guilt.  LOL. What’s more is you really get to see how people in different cultures more or less live and experience life in many ways you do. Fundamentally, that brings being human so close to home. But how do you reach the public in other countries? Getting stories placed in their media venues is a great way. We purchase international media lists so our PR firm, Wasabi Publicity, can have access to any country, any city at any given moment. I guess I’ll have to remember the next time I have trouble getting excited about my day that indeed it is a great day … I might in fact meet a new friend today on the other side of the globe simply because I’m doing campaigns around the world. Let me know if you need help with your global reach. It really does make a difference with everyone, global citizens and just your average Joe and Jane. Because you know what? They watch reality TV, breaking news and read magazines and listen to radio just like us.

Laugh your way to results

October 27, 2008

Arden Moore is a pet expert who is up for a Podcast award. To generate interest in people voting for her to receive the award, I recommended she write up an article with some tips we could distribute to web portals ending with her byline requesting people vote for her. When her first draft was shy on humor, Susan Harrow, wrote me saying, “Have Arden add some humor to her tips.” A funny person naturally, Arden whipped up some humor in her pet tips and viola … what a hysterical article we will push to web portals this week and next. If you can use her tips, feel free to cut and paste them but just be sure to include her byline! We’d love to see as many people as possible vote for her.


Signs We’re In A Recession – From the Pet’s Perspective

By Arden Moore


Dogs don’t fret about interest rates on credit cards. Cats certainly could care less about who’s name is on the home deed – they know they own the place. But even pets are feeling the bite of this lousy economy.


“Pets don’t care if the stock market is run by a bear or a bull – or a ferret,” says Arden Moore, pet expert and host of “Oh Behave!” on Pet Life Radio.com. “They don’t care if they live with Bill Gates or a plumber named Joe. They just want good chow, comfy napping spots, and our attention.”


Let presidential contenders decipher how the stock market slide, foreclosures, and bank closings take a toll on people. Moore is here for the four-leggers – especially after noticing these economic indicators impacting the world of pampered pets:


·         You still sneak in your itty-bitty dog to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but (gasp) you opt for the matinee instead of the evening show.

·         You try to fool your canine chowhound by switching from premium meaty treats to cheaper, wheat-filled biscuits, but the (canine) nose knows.

·         You try to fool your cat by mixing sand from the local beach into the unscented commercial litter in the box – giving a new meaning to a bout with crabs.

·         You skip your dog’s grooming appointment by adopting a DIY attitude that results in your Bichon looking more like a bug-eyed owl in a windstorm.


“It’s true that most dog breeds live to have a job, but I don’t see them becoming

the family breadwinner any time soon,” notes Moore, the author of 20 books on pets. “These days, we need to be smarter than ever on how we unleash our dollars.”


In response, she offers a pet-pleasing plan – Moore’s Money Tips for Pets:


1.     Don’t turn your pet into a clothes horse. If you must dress up your pet – and she approves – limit her outfits to three. Dogs don’t care if they wear the same collar, cape, or hat on more than one occasion.

2.     Do be down in the mouth. Brush your dog or cat’s teeth at least two times a week, using toothpastes and brushes designed for pets, and say bye-bye to doggy breath. These at-home dental items are minor in cost compared to a professional dental cleaning that ranges in cost between $100 and $300.

3.     Bypass the doggy bakery. Save money by honing your pet chef skills. Make healthy homemade treats in big batches – store the extras in the freezer. Add carrots and green beans to your dog’s chow in the bowl to help him feel full on less kibble. Estimated annual savings: $110.

4.     Score bargains at discount and warehouse stores.Save a few pennies to a few dollars by buying litter, leashes, bowls, beds, and treats at places that primarily cater to two-leggers, such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco, instead of pet supply stores or pet boutiques. Estimated annual savings: $100.

5.     Purchase pet insurance. Pet owners need to prepare for the unexpected. It is far less expensive to purchase insurance when your pets are young. Moore’s Golden Retriever/Husky mix, Chipper, underwent a delicate rectal surgical procedure, and her policy covered 80 percent of the $850 procedure.


Moore’s parting advice: “Pets are our priceless allies. Remember, doggy kisses and full-throttle cat purrs are always free.”




About the Author: Arden Moore, an animal behavior consultant, best-selling pet author, and professional speaker, travels all over America helping millions better connect with their pets. She hosts the popular “Oh Behave!” show on PetLifeRadio.com – a show nominated as a finalist in the general category for the 4thannual Podcast Awards’ international contest. Voting concludes on Nov. 6 (www.podcastawards.com).  Contact Arden Moore at arden@ardenmoore.com.


Content is King

October 25, 2008

Last night I was watching on demand TV – can I tell you how much I love the Internet? It got me thinking about content and you know what I realized? Truly, in today’s media world, Content is King. One brilliant article riddled with tips can be re-purposed to TV, magazine cover letters, radio segments, Internet publishing, newspaper side-bars and plain-old newsletter articles. Yup, if you’ve got great content today, your results will be royal. If you’re needing some advice on how to repurpose your great content, visit past Wasabi Clubs– these teleseminars will explain some ideas I’m sure you never thought of.


October 23, 2008

So many PR campaigns go for “any PR spot” they can get. But do those placements make a difference to your bottom line? Be clear about your intention. If you are building a platform, all placements help the building of that intention. Media begets media. If you are needing sales, then focus on generating placements in media that will reach your potential buyers. Getting clear about your intention for PR results will make a difference on how you feel about your results and how it affects your bottom line, which in turn will focus your team and publicist. If you are a publicist and desire help with clarifying your intentions, join The Wasabi Club a monthly meeting the last Wed of each month at 1 pm eastern. If you are seeking a PR team and need assistance figuring out your intention for getting covered in the media, visit Wasabi Publicity, the team known for its ‘publicity results.’


October 22, 2008

Fishermen have it easy. They bait, they toss their hook into the water, they feel a bite, they reel it in. Pretty much what publicists do. With our clients, we create a great story angle (bait). Then we toss the hook out there (distribute the news story idea to the media. When we get a bite (media request for an interview) we reel it in by being supportive and responsive in a timely – if not instant – fashion. In the fishing of media placements, the early bird gets the worm … well, uh … the best bait catches the big one. If you’re needing assistance with your bait, hook or reeling in of the big ones, check out PR Launchpad, our new cost-effective publicity package.

What makes a good story for the media?

October 22, 2008

So many people seeking media coverage are approaching newsmakers incorrectly. They offer press releases and information ‘all about me’ instead of focusing on the needs of the media. Face it, the media is not interested in your company, per se, but rather what problems your company can solve for the public good ~ especially the public viewing, reading or listening to their media venue. So instead of offering ‘more about me’ to the media, consider creating story ideas, news scoops and press releases that help the media educate and inform their public ~ not just honk your horn. Soon, you’ll find the media includes you in their good stories all the time.

Breaking news

October 22, 2008

Yesterday I discussed on a teleseminar with Voice America how to build a platform around breaking news ideas. In media, there are two ways to tie-in your news angles: 1) seasonal and 2) breaking news. The latter will land you the larger, coveted placements. Seasonal is year-round and comes ’round year after year so you can develop a set of seasonal articles, tips and techniques the media can use again and again. No new work for you, but really valuable information for the media. To ‘break’ into breaking news segments, you have to develop your ability to view/listen to the news as it breaks and immediately distribute information the newsmakers could use. If you’d like to learn more about this, join us for October’s Wasabi Club meeting: To sign up for it, visit The Wasabi Club.

Coffee from volcanos

October 21, 2008

Today I’m drinking coffee grown near a volcano. My husband mailed it to me from South America. He’s on a motorcycle trip with his friend Dan and he knows I love coffee. His trip is really inspiring people and for me, it’s solidified that maybe I don’t want to tour a whole country with him by motorcycle in 2008, but rather stay closer to creature comforts … like coffee. I love it. You know who else loves coffee? The media. Why? They stay awake 24/7 writing and covering the news. And to be a media expert, so do you. You have to be available 24/7 to the media to get results with the media and you have to respond quickly and with accuracy. We use online press kits to boost search engine optimization and to present our material at all hours of the night. Media look for experts day and night. So, grab your cup of Joe, alongside me, and feed the media what they want … a good scoop … a good story.