Spinning Front Page Stories Summer ’12

July 26, 2012


As you all know, for fun I teach Spinning at Lelia Patterson Fitness Center in Fletcher, NC. Well, this summer, the gym asked me to volunteer my PR prowess to guide their college intern, Chris Janetzco, into getting buzz in the community about their upcoming Hunter Subaru LPC Triathlon. From the beginning, I coached this intern into using members from the actual gym to inspire the community. Viola — not only did we get coverage, but we got the FRONT PAGE last Saturday. It’s not the front page of a section, but rather the front page of the entire paper! I’m so excited. You’ll recall how excited I was to get the front page of the Wall Street Journal last year. Front page coverage is oh so rare in PR. While scoring front page may be hard, ‘spinning’ stories isn’t. It’s simply finding inspiration around you and then opening your mouth to the media. That’s spinning a great story for the media. Just reflect on inspiration not promotion. Who knows? You might be on the road to front page coverage too.

Make Your Pitches Fit!

May 14, 2012


Ever wonder how people land earned editorial mentions in major magazines? In this Woman’s Day article Wasabi Publicity client Pamela Yellen discusses not her book and product, “Bank On Yourself” but rather tips couples can use to be ‘financially fit’ in their marriage. See, if you focus on your book or product, media contacts will immediately send you to advertising. That’s fine … if you want to pay for advertising. However, if you’re trying to score the cherished “as quoted by” or if you want to be a go-to media source (which the public perceives as an endorsement), then give the magazine editors and TV producers something they can bite their teeth into: content their readers and viewers will salivate over. So, feed your media contacts a steady dose of ‘fit’ content. Another way of saying it, is educate and entertain them. Give them something that will make them stand-up and move. If you’re pitching angles that make a difference for the media contacts’ audiences, you know your stories are fit … and will be a fit. Happy spinning. This time I mean spinning stories, not Spinning at the gym – which I also love as you know 😉

Spin a Story with Hobbies

March 28, 2011


Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly get another hobby, I decided to get my Spinning certification last Saturday. I love Spinning. Since the first of the year, I’ve reduced my body two inches on all major parts. In part thanks to Jillian Michaels but let’s face it, Jillian’s not in my face daily like my Spinning instructors and Spinning bikes are. I keep watching my body fat melt away due to Spinning. For someone, like me, who suffers from scoliosis and sits in front of computer pitching the media news stories and angles, feeling healthy and fit is such a gift (and something that needs consistent work). Our bodies aren’t made to sit all day. That’s why I’ve been trying to beat blogger butt for quite some time. I wanted to know all about Spinning since getting hooked January 2011. Like any of my interests: whitewater kayaking, off-road motorcycles, hot glass jewelry I wanted to dig in deep. I get borderline obsessive about any hobby I take on. (It’s my Type A personality for sure.) New hobbies are such a rush.  Most important, though, it’s another story angle for the media who interview me about my business paths. Just like hobbies on a resume, they become a conversation piece. People love to hear what makes people tick. So, write down your hobbies! They’re story angles. I was once covered by the Cincinnati Business Journal because they wanted an enterpreneur who pursued extreme sports. They put a picture of me in my whitewater kayak front and center in the article. What hobbies do you have? Be sure to tell the media about them because you never know, it might land you on the cover of your favorite magazine or in a segment with your favorite TV show. In any case, add it to your website, your blog and include it in your social media. Your hobbies make you human and draw new communities of people to you. People love people. Cast a net to draw like-minded people to yourself. If you don’t have a hobby, why not try something new this week? Then talk about it online. You’d be surprised how many people (and possibly media) you attract to yourself.