Zombie News

October 28, 2010

This weekend is Halloween. Are you using holiday angles for your media coverage? My client, Pamela Yellen is a master at doing this. She takes a serious subject, like your savings, and adds a twist to make it entertaining and educational. Brilliant! In this print coverage, she discusses what she calls, “Zombie Investors” and in this WGN SuperStation TV spot, she covers, “Scary But True Facts about Your 401K!” Another client, Don Goewey, uses Santa and the December holidays to discuss and make his point about stress on Sac and Co. (By the way, now that’s it’s Halloween, I’m here to remind you … Christmas pitching started in the summer time so hopefully you were the early media elf.) So, whether it’s Zombies or Santa, season your news with the flavorful holiday of the day. Mmm. I hope you get some tasty candy this weekend! And be sure to watch out for those Zombies. As you can see, I have met a few Zombies … scary!


Seasoning seasons

December 16, 2008
Breakfast with Baby Jesus in Lima Peru

Breakfast with Baby Jesus in Lima Peru

My husband and I realized it’s Christmas next week and since we’re in Peru unexpectedly this time of year, we had no decorations in our rented apartment. So we bought a nativity scene carved in a gourd pictured above. It’s quite nice and we’ve been having breakfast with Baby Jesus ever since.

Seasons and holidays provide perfect pitching opportunities for the media. They’re always preparing winter, spring, summer and fall seasonal news so if you can create angles and pitches about your news, company, service or product you will have a better chance of being mentioned in their coverage.  Keep in mind, however, most work months and weeks in advance. Magazines were preparing holiday issues in summer. And now they’re working on Spring. TV, radio and print work on at least one month to two weeks notice. So be prepared and season your seasonal pitches with plenty of flavor.