Building Buzz … In Your Grocery Line

October 2, 2012

Ever stand in line at the grocery store and read the glossy magazines? I do. In fact, I often thumb through to see who the current editor is. I did that two years ago while at my neighborhood whole foods co-op and noticed Well Being Journal. Image It was a pleasant surprise when I emailed the address I saw in the magazine and heard from the editor. I told him I was a publicist and I represented some of the world’s thought leaders in well-being. I wondered if he’d like to review some articles from my clients. He said he’d be delighted. So, since then, he’s reviewed the articles I send to him from my clients. Sometimes he publishes the article, like he did from my client, Dr. Matt in this article. Forming relationships with magazine editors can be as easy as walking in and out of the grocery. Snack on that!

Party Like A Princess! (After Your Interviews …)

April 14, 2011

When you get media coverage from CNN (like I just did — see below), you may want to party like a princess, but when it comes to business stay credible. How do you do that? Reputation and {{clearing throat}} public relations. Many business owners confuse advertising with publicity. The single most important thing you can do for your business is establish credibility. One way to do that is to support the media when they’re writing the news with great sound-bites so they mention you in the news. What makes a great sound-bite? Educational value. Period. It’s not “sales.” It’s not “promotion.” It’s not talking about yourself and your company. It’s simply, education. What can you say when you’re being interviewed by the media to educate the audience reading, listening or watching? If you make a difference with that audience member, by providing them an extra morsel of knowledge, you will make a lasting impression (both with the media contact and their audience, ie: fans) and in turn, they will click-through to your website, sign up for what you’re offering and in-the-end, maybe even purchase something from you. The first piece of business though, is to get quoted. That takes being in front of the media day-in and day-out. Stay in touch with the media you want to cover you. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, hire a public relations firm to do it for you. Or use a free service, like PitchRate that sends your email inbox media requests on a daily basis. Then, when you’re called in for an interview, educate don’t promote. When I was asked by to be interviewed about the royal wedding, the first thing I did was call my business partner, Drew Gerber, to create educational points (soundbites) for the reporter. We discussed first, what audience would be reading the article. In this case, business owners and entrepreneurs. Then we discussed, what would be on-point for the reporter’s request and what would add value to her readers (business owners and entrepreneurs). You can see the end result in this royal wedding article. I also want you to know the soundbites (educational points) Drew and I created showed up almost verbatim from what we created the day before the interview. See, you cannot control what the media writes or publishes. (If you want that, purchase advertising instead.) However, you can control what you say in an interview and my recommendation is to create value and educate so the reporter is so blown away by what you said, she just has to write it. Media seek sources and they gravitate toward credible sources who do not self-promote, but rather add value and education (and sometimes even entertainment) to their reporting. So party like a princess — but after your interview! The night before your interview, write out educational tips and then get to bed so you’re fresh-faced for a great interview. Then toast some champagne the night of the article’s publication. Like my business partner and I will be doing tonight and during our royal wedding party designed to raise funds for a local animal shelter providing me my Siberian husky and Drew his cocker spaniel. You’re not raising money for charity at your royal wedding party? What? Well, that’s another blog entry. So stay tuned. Until then, I hope you raise a glass of champagne this weekend for me, because I’ll be partying like a princess my friend. It’s not every day you get mentioned by CNN.

Hey Mabel — Did You Know?

October 29, 2008

Media love trends, tips and scoops. PR’s that simple. Communicate a trend, your tips or news scoops to the media and they will thank you with a mention in their article or on-air show. Pitching the media, I heard from Arden Moore in The Wasabi Club today, is as simple as calling them and saying, “Hey Mabel, did you know _______? I love that. Hey Mabel, did you know PR is as simple as calling the media with a trend, tip or scoop? Check out how my firm “calls” the media.

PR Launchpad

October 21, 2008

My PR team’s been tooling around for quite some time on a product we call “PR Launchpad.” Years ago we offered a product by the same name but had our clients set up on technology to do their own distribution. Didn’t quite work. People seeking PR, we’ve found over the years, want to benefit from our media network, but don’t want to do the distributions themselves. They are happy to coordinate incoming leads with their own schedules but don’t want to be bothered to do the media research in their industry. So, now PR Launchpad does just that. I am so excited. Because it’s the no-nonsense PR product for authors, business men and women and all media experts. You get an online press kit (essential today), listings on expert databases like Search Press Kits and ProfNet as well as get regular distributions to broadcast, print or internet media. (Hear me sigh a big relief.) Finally, we’ve been able to figure out a great package for do-it-yourselfers who like to save money and get PR results. I am so excited. Stay tuned. People are already interested!