Zip Your Way to Media Coverage

May 24, 2014


I just became a Costco member this month. Did you know they have organic items in bulk? I am stoked about that. A nutritionist I hired to coach me told me to drive the 40 minute distance to stock up. Luckily, I had a client in the May issue of their magazine Costco Connection, so when I arrived at the store for the first time, I got to hold and relish the article. You can see it here. I loved walking up to the customer service desk and seeing stacks of the magazine, which by the way, reaches more than 8 million people across the country. It’s known in the industry for its wide reach in a time when many magazines are failing. So, how did we secure coverage in this coveted magazine? I contacted the editor. I zipped my pitch straight to the top line of decision makers there. Shocked? Wanted something more in-depth? Nope, that’s the tip. When The Gorge Zipline became a client of Wasabi Publicity‘s in 2013, the owners shared in our client intake calls that they advertised with Costco. So I pitched the editor. He liked the pitch and told me to stay in touch. So, I did. Even after the client’s campaign ended in the fall of last year, I sent out emails about every 3 months to the editor. Repetition is key. In sports or in PR, you simply have to keep the pitches flowing and momentum growing. Then you too might walk into a big box store and see your story covered as well. Don’t let fear of heights grip you. Zip your best line to the top line of decision makers at your choice media venues.

Please forgive me!

June 27, 2011

Some times you may need to apologize to the media. What if you messed up? What if you intended to mail something and forgot? Or, how about sending an email you promised and oops, you had a senior moment. Don’t sweat it. Media contacts are resilient. They are so incredibly busy they know what it’s like to forget something. The big thing is, you need to clean it up. What is inexcusable in their minds is not getting back to them at all. So if you do screw up, just admit it, clean it up, apologize and move on. Don’t like saying, “I’m sorry?” Well, did you know Hawaiians don’t really say, “I’m sorry.” They say, “Please forgive me.” Yahoo! just featured Wasabi Publicity, Inc. client, Dr. Matthew B. James, a forgiveness expert, on how to apologize the Hawaiian way and restore your energy to yourself and your day. Believe me, if you let the media down, you will for sure feel it in your daily energy. You know how it is to let a family member or friend down. It’s the same if you let the media down, because you know they were counting on you. After doing PR for 20 years, one thing I’ve learned is to clean up mistakes and move on. It’s not that you won’t make a mistake, it’s how you brush yourself off after that mistake and move on powerfully. So, learn a lesson or two from forgiveness on Yahoo! and if you find you’re hungry for more ancient teachings from islanders, check out Dr. James’ Psychology Today Blog on forgiveness. (Another fruit from our PR labor.) Aloha!