Winter Do’s

March 20, 2014

Sirius XM US News and World ReportCold winter it’s been, right? Most say one of the hardest winters ever. That didn’t stop my team from heating up credible PR buzz for notable clients. Let me highlight a few so you can see what I’ve been doing with my cold winter months. Our team scored a coupon expert the Today Show; helped launch a financial literacy author to achieve her second New York Times bestselling author status (you can see her U.S. News and World Report mention that I’m sure didn’t hurt the release of her second book and subsequent status); finalized an interview for  America’s steepest zipline with Costco Connection (circulation: 8,489,821 see their spring 2014 issue for story); and hosted a very successful press breakfast for the Nelson Mandela Foundation at the Clinton Foundation on Valentines Day. You can hear one of the interviews on Sirius XM. Personally, two weeks ago I completed my first Spartan Race and plan to complete two more this year achieving the status of Spartan Trifecta Athlete, an elite group of athletes.

Michelle Tennant Nicholson Fire Jump Spartan Race

Michelle Tennant Nicholson Fire Jump Spartan Race

So, you can see why my blog storytelling’s been light. I have oh so much to share with you the rest of 2014, though. Tips, tools, techniques and more. I’ll even have media leads and how-to videos over at the newly launched PitchRate, speedy media matchmaking. So now that spring has sprung, what are you going to do? Tell me! So I can help.Today Show Logo Costco Connection


Watering Your PR Garden

June 11, 2010

If you want great PR, are you ‘watering the garden’ every day? Consider the relationships you have with media contacts are just like tender seeds in a garden. If you don’t nurture and grow those relationships, you will not see the contact develop into media coverage. So, just as we all are watering those 2010 flowers and herbs, be sure to reach out to your prized media contacts. Plants love rich soil. Media love personalized pitches. Flowers love sunshine. Media thrive on breaking news. Weeds can choke your baby plants. Being overly promotional can turn off producers from using you again. And if you feel plant food helps maximize your gardening efforts — I think my mom uses something called MiracleGrow — use incoming media lead services like PitchRate where daily you get leads you can grow into a beautiful media coverage hot-house.