Spring Clean Your PR

April 15, 2013

Pamela Yellen with Sir Richard BransonIt’s that time of year again when everyone is spring cleaning. Are you? Well, even if you’re not think about angles that could land you choice media coverage. We pitched our client Pamela Yellen, who teaches financial self-sufficiency, around a ‘spring clean your budget’ angle and Fox Business picked it up. You never know what a little clean-up job can uncover. Turn over a new leaf and spring-clean your PR. I did so and even found the above lovely photo of Pamela with Richard Branson. (Don’t you just love looking at old photo albums?!)


Make Your Pitches Fit!

May 14, 2012


Ever wonder how people land earned editorial mentions in major magazines? In this Woman’s Day article Wasabi Publicity client Pamela Yellen discusses not her book and product, “Bank On Yourself” but rather tips couples can use to be ‘financially fit’ in their marriage. See, if you focus on your book or product, media contacts will immediately send you to advertising. That’s fine … if you want to pay for advertising. However, if you’re trying to score the cherished “as quoted by” or if you want to be a go-to media source (which the public perceives as an endorsement), then give the magazine editors and TV producers something they can bite their teeth into: content their readers and viewers will salivate over. So, feed your media contacts a steady dose of ‘fit’ content. Another way of saying it, is educate and entertain them. Give them something that will make them stand-up and move. If you’re pitching angles that make a difference for the media contacts’ audiences, you know your stories are fit … and will be a fit. Happy spinning. This time I mean spinning stories, not Spinning at the gym – which I also love as you know 😉

Zombie News

October 28, 2010

This weekend is Halloween. Are you using holiday angles for your media coverage? My client, Pamela Yellen is a master at doing this. She takes a serious subject, like your savings, and adds a twist to make it entertaining and educational. Brilliant! In this print coverage, she discusses what she calls, “Zombie Investors” and in this WGN SuperStation TV spot, she covers, “Scary But True Facts about Your 401K!” Another client, Don Goewey, uses Santa and the December holidays to discuss and make his point about stress on Sac and Co. (By the way, now that’s it’s Halloween, I’m here to remind you … Christmas pitching started in the summer time so hopefully you were the early media elf.) So, whether it’s Zombies or Santa, season your news with the flavorful holiday of the day. Mmm. I hope you get some tasty candy this weekend! And be sure to watch out for those Zombies. As you can see, I have met a few Zombies … scary!

Spring Has Sprung

March 10, 2010
My Husband Snaps a Shot of Spring Sprung

Warm weather. I am loving it. My husband and I were getting over colds last weekend and instead of enjoying our off-road motorcycles or whitewater kayaks, we planned an easy-going day in our back-yard with our husky, Lou Lou. We snapped photos of the budding flowers (see photo) and made a camp-fire. Today, Wednesday, I’ve still got cabin fever and am LOVING this warm weather. Spring has sprung and with it, my client campaigns are heating up as well. Here’s a taste of what I’ve got cooking right now:


> MONEY EXPERT – Learn how to “Bank on Yourself” with financial security expert, Pamela Yellen whose book comes out in paperback March 23. Should you get a money-back guarantee from your financial advisor? Yellen says you can and you should. And what about your taxes? Are you getting all you should? Ask me for her tax tips.

> NEED A BIG KAHUNA TO HELP YOUR HEALTH, CAREER AND LOVE LIFE? – I’m going to be with well-being expert, Dr. Matthew B. James in Hawaii this next week for his 40th Hawaiian Huna event. I can’t wait. He also launches his new book this month so be sure to reserve your copy so you can see how you can be your own “big Kahuna” in your own life. It chronicles 28 generations of big kahuna secrets sure to impact your energy, wealth, health and relationships with other people (and your self, most importantly).

DREAM JOB EXPERTLandmark Education‘s Communication Expert and Performance Coach, David Cunningham was just on Seattle’s KOMO TV with tips on how to create your dream job. If you want to harness the power of language to create your dream job, or dream relationship, for that matter, Cunningham’s got guidance from working with people in seminars delivered in 120 cities world-wide.

> MUSIC EXPERT – Schools are cutting music budgets, but never fear, the ancient and inexpensive instrument, the Ocarina, is here. See a few 4 minute TV spots to learn what music can do for your family with the experts from the St. Louis School of Music. (They’re great in-studio performers, by the way, too!)

> SUMMER CAMP/TEEN LIFE SKILLS EXPERT – SuperCamp Co-founder and Accelerated Learning Expert, Bobbi DePorter was on WGN teaching tips on how to teach teens to learn; most of us don’t even know how to learn. That’s a basic life-skill we all need. Summer camp is around the corner, and DePorter discussed how to motivate teens and choose the best summer camp on San Diego TV and the blogosphere.

> OVERCOMING SUICIDE: A daring and inspirational story of how one teen overcame his mother’s suicide.

> GOT FREEDOM? At Home? With Time? Yourself? How ’bout Money? – Business Lifestyle Expert, David Wood is GIVING AWAY hard copies of his new book for a limited time in April. Take his Freedom Quiz to see if you need more freedom with your income, job, inner self or maybe where you live. He’s coaching more than 90,000 people in 90+ countries.

> FAT TO SKINNY – See this 4 minute Channel 5 segment on a man who’s lost 100 pounds and reversed potential Type 2 Diabetes. His wife lost 75 pounds too. How’d they do it? Not at the sugar shack. Give him any “healthy” meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner and he’ll visually demonstrate how unhealthy, hidden dangers lurk that put many of us in danger of diabetes.

CAN LETTERS HEAL? – Former school principle, Dr. Raye Adkins’ father died before she was born. Through letters, she healed from the hurt and she writes about it in a book that chronicles those letters and the power of communication ~ even with the deceased. From the ashes of that pain, she launches several charities helping children in Africa and orphans here in America with a teddy bear and beauty care product line. Always creative, Dr. Adkins is also launching a new fun product that teaches little boys how “to aim” when going to the bathroom. A true entrepreneur out to make a difference with children abroad, here at home and even in the potty room.

> DREAM HOME EXPERT – Your dream home can be green and storm-proof. “Circle back” and learn from the pros the pitfalls and pleasure of building your own dream home. You can visit lots of dream homes already built around the country to see what they did right.

> RAW FOOD AND SPIRITUALITY EXPERT – How is your choice of food connected to your spirituality? Rev. Chavah Aima explains how to live the enlightened life.

> STRESS ERASER EXPERT (CONTEST) Don Goewey’s working with people to eliminate stress for good. His “stress-off” button (in the palm of your hand) was featured in January’s 2010 Outside Magazine and he’s now conducting a contest where one lucky winner will learn the secrets of being mystically cool at work and home. April 1st is the contest deadline – because you’d be a fool to not eliminate stress from your life.

> INTERIOR DESIGN EXPERTS – How does the design of your office impact productivity? Is your home the R&R sanctuary it can be? Design experts from the IIDA show us how.

> MARKETING AND PR EXPERT – Did you learn everything you needed to know to grow your business in kindergarten? PR and Dot Com Guru, Drew Gerber says yes.

> INSPIRATION DEFICIT DISORDER? – Do you have it? Has the passion left your job, marriage, life? Hay House Publishing Favorite, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Ellerby’s book comes out in August and will save-the-day when it comes to getting inspired in life.

> TAKE OUR DAUGHTERS AND SONS TO WORK DAY – Millions participate. I can connect you to the founders and organizers.

> TEEN DATING/DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – Judge Eugene Hyman has tips for families and solutions for our family and juvenile courts.