Dog Days of PR

February 16, 2012

Rrrrrrounding Up Media Coverage For a New Nonprofit or Small Business

Some of you have already listened to this hour long PR session at PitchRate’s PR Happy Hour on how to publicize a new nonprofit or small business. However, it’s back by popular demand so those of you wagging your tails in anticipation, here you go …

Teleseminar with Wasabi Publicity’s Chief Creative Officer, Michelle Tennant Nicholson — On Monday, January 30th, Wasabi Publicity’s Chief Creative Officer, Michelle Tennant Nicholson, advised Danielle Winkelman, founder of Blue Ridge Husky Rescue, on how to publicize her new nonprofit in a PR Happy Hour about: “The Dog Days of PR!”

Most people starting a new business or organizing a community nonprofit aren’t sure how to tell the media about their new venture. Do you send a press release? What’s necessary to get noticed online? Rrrrrrrounding up great PR can be rrrrrrough… unless you have dog treats you can share with the media!

If you want to tame the wild wolves of the Internet or bark your way to media mentions, be sure to SIT… STAY… and get rewarded as Michelle and Danielle yip about what makes the media growl with excitement. You’ll be top dog in PR when you learn:

* How to get the media to SIT at your events

* What to BARK when communicating with TV stations, radio producers, magazine editors and newspaper journalists

* The secret TREAT you can give the media so they learn RECALL and come back to you again and again

* How to DIG great online PR

* And much, much more!



Saluda (Dog) Rrrroyal Wedding

April 27, 2011

I just got interviewed by WLOS, our local ABC TV affiliate about being in my dog’s wedding. Yes, that’s right. You think I jest? You see, I’m not only Michelle Tennant, I’m also the personal assistant & publicist to Duchess Lou Lou (aka my rescue Siberian Husky from Foothills Humane Society). After I was interviewed by CNNMoney about how international PR might affect Kate Middleton’s family business, my business partner had this grand idea … host a local Rrrroyal Wedding (a canine royal wedding) to raise money and awareness to benefit our favorite dog shelter, Foothills Humane Society, the one where both our dogs were but mere paupers begging for a home at one time. See the evite about this dog royal wedding and read all about the groom, Duke Brodee. Kate Middleton encourages charity donations and we love PR, so why not help out some furry friends. (Speaking of fur,  Duchess Lou Lou has a terrible case of “wedding shedding” due to nerves. See the video.) Friends all around Saluda, like Joni of the historic and recently renovated Saluda Inn and Wine Cellar decided to pitch in wine tastings, silent auctions and private showing of the real wedding on Friday, April 29, 2011 from 6:30 to 10:30 pm. We even have music thanks to Mr C’s Mobile DJ. Duchess Lou Lou got in top trim shape for her dog wedding by eating organic dog food this year and watching portions with Yum Yum Dishes (she really did!). I’m such a proud husky mama! My baby’s wedding even gotten ink in a local paper, The Tryon Daily Bulletin! Watch for more news coverage of this very special occasion. Dogs, cats, horses and animals of all kinds can celebrate. Don’t forget, Saluda NC is the home of the world-famous, annual Coon Dog Day. Woof! (Please give rrrrrichly to the Humane Society, even if you can’t make it!)

Heating Up PR

May 2, 2010

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been jet-setting. First to Hawaii with our client. See some PR advice from the beach. Then, a couple of trips to New York for a Broadway opening and then to meet national media in Manhattan. I’ll post my updates on those travels. Meanwhile, I’m reminded of my own advice! Be sure you post to your blog several times a week or at least a month if you can … even if you are soaking up the sun on the beach! So, to catch-up on my own tidbits, let’s get some of the video to you.

Get Out There

June 26, 2009

PRAWNC thumbnail

Today I’m speaking at PRAWNC why don’t you join us?