Cookout – PR can be hot stuff!

November 5, 2008

So many people hunger for PR results. But what makes some pitches cook and sizzle? Consider it’s purely the angle and how it relates to breaking news or the way it serves a media need. Serve this … today watch the news. Here’s a hint … it will most likely be about the election. Figure out a way to work your “platform” (that just means your topics/general messages you always talk about) into the breaking news or into a seasonal, evergreen need the media might have. So, since the media’s sizzlin’ today with the election think about what you say about politics. If you bake cakes, can you decorate one like the candidates? TV shows would love to watch you do it. Your local newspaper will love taking a photo to make an interesting spread in their paper. Get your staff or your five best friends and brain-storm what you might be able to offer the media. Then you’ll see your results smokin’ – even you will think you’re hot stuff. For more ideas on how other people are positioning their platforms to meet media needs first, visit the media expert search engine Search Press Kits.