November 29, 2012

Most people who hire publicists are at the top of their field. However, even industry superheroes have kryptonite aka over-promotion during interviews.

One of the biggest challenges for publicists is to teach clients the media’s pet peeves. After executing PR campaigns for the past twenty years, one thing I know for sure about messaging is leading with education will make you a go-to expert, but promoting your product during an interview will kill your media superpowers faster than a speeding bullet.

Here are three ways to be sure your messaging will soar above the others so you (or your client) remain a go-to media superhero (as seen in the article I wrote for PR News’ Media Training Guidebook): 1) Be the expert. 2) Educate. 3) Tie-in news. Read the whole article here.



Short and Sweet – TV Soundbites

January 14, 2009
Beroset on WGN - click to view video - give time to download

Beroset on WGN - click to view video - give time to download

Can you make your point in 30 seconds or less? If you’re on TV, you have to. You only have 4 minutes to make your point and educate the public. In this example, I helped prep Landmark Education Communication Expert, Deborah Beroset before appearing on WGN’s Superstation to discuss an exercise on how to “Recession Proof Marriage.” Notice how Beroset gets to the activity quickly and succinctly. The viewer is left with an action point they can do later today. This is a great way to provide value to the producers and viewers. The producers look for interesting content to put on the air and the viewer only tunes in if they are finding value in what you say. Most people think being on TV is an extension of ‘their news’ and quite frankly, no one cares about your business, service or product. What they do care about is how your business, service or product makes a difference in their lives and how you can educate them on living a better life. How are you keeping it short and sweet today?