Break Breaking News

March 2, 2012

Want media coverage? The best way to get media coverage is to be of service to the media. In fact, here’s a secret tip I’ve been using lately … Skype. You say what’s so special about that tip? You say you’ve been using Skype for years? Well, are you taping yourself using sound-bites related to breaking news, though? It’s the quickest way for the major media to get an understanding of what you’ll say on what’s breaking today in the news and it gives them a sense of what you look like. Consider, our Wasabi Publicity client, Dr. Raymond Hamden who specializes in forensic psychology. When he came on board, I shot a quick Skype video demonstrating how he’d classify the four types of terrorists. Watch the video of Dr. Hamden and ask yourself, how can you break into breaking news today with your own sound-bites and your own analysis of how to make sense of a tragedy being reported in the news. And maybe your topic is lighter. That’s okay. Then talk about how to have fun. The media covers St. Patrick’s Day just as much as they cover war. After you shoot the video, add the clip to your online press kit or send it to your media contacts via email. The bottom line is, just break out your voice. Skype’s a great media megaphone for the job.

Does Your Story Have “Legs?”

February 28, 2012

Does your story have “legs” for the media? It will if you tie it into breaking news of the day. For example, have you noticed how many people are legbombing since Angelina Jolie’s leg bomb at the Oscars on Sunday? Celebrity, seasonal and breaking news tie-ins make your story interesting and usable to the media. It answers the question for them, “Why now?” They need to know why what you’re saying is relevant now. Look, even if you don’t really have a natural tie-in to what’s breaking or seasonal in the news, roll up those pants legs and show some skin. The media will appreciate it. You never know, your interview dance card might even fill-up! Get a leg-up on the competition and follow those trends! My business partner, Drew Gerber, created PitchRate, a free media lead service connecting the media with rated expert sources. It’s also a great place to watch for trends because media ask for interview sources there. So get one step ahead. Okay, too many “leg” puns already? You’re probably right. Okay, let me step aside (hee hee). Show some skin with your media outreach. You can’t go wrong. 🙂

Be The Media

February 20, 2009
David Mathison's new book "Be The Media" the ulimate do-it-yourself

David Mathison's new book "Be The Media" the ultimate do-it-yourself media guide

Former Reuter’s VIP and new Wasabi client, David Mathison has written a book, “Be The Media” the ultimate book on how to create and accelerate your message … your way. From self-published authors, bloggers to community owned TV, film producers and musicians, there has never been such a comprehensive guide. Phil Donahue said this book, “Takes publishing and broadcasting power away from industrial titans and hands it to you.” Mathison sold 5000 books in one pop using Twitter and yesterday I interviewed him on the Wasabi Club and you can access the recording by signing in as a VIP at my PR firm’s free recources section.

Press Releases

January 19, 2009
Gingerbread House from Grove Park Inn and Spa (yes, it's all food)

Gingerbread House from Grove Park Inn and Spa (yes, it's all food)

Face it. Press releases don’t work. Why? Media feel like, well, if it’s released out on the wire as a release, everyone and their mother knows about the ‘news’ — it’s no longer a scoop. If your message is truly breaking (like a fire) then okay, issue a release. To get results, generate personalized pitches in the form of an email, phone call and cover letter targeting your prized media contacts. Get to know them and work your expertise and press information inside what they want, not what you think the media ‘should’ cover. That rarely works and is more likely to be trashed and worse, annoy your targets. Let’s look at the example above. The Grove Park Inn and Spa issues press documents related to their gingerbread competition. They may issue releases on the winners after they’re chosen, but you can bet your bottom jelly bean that they make phone calls to the major media they want to cover the gingerbread competition BEFORE they issue the press release to the world at large. It’s only smart. It’s the ‘scoop’ the major media want. The only other reason to issue a press release is to be ‘found’ on the Internet when the media searches for your topics, business and expertise. But a good online press kit with back-end coding, like Press Kit 24/7 does much better at getting you noticed than an old crusty press release.

Short and Sweet – TV Soundbites

January 14, 2009
Beroset on WGN - click to view video - give time to download

Beroset on WGN - click to view video - give time to download

Can you make your point in 30 seconds or less? If you’re on TV, you have to. You only have 4 minutes to make your point and educate the public. In this example, I helped prep Landmark Education Communication Expert, Deborah Beroset before appearing on WGN’s Superstation to discuss an exercise on how to “Recession Proof Marriage.” Notice how Beroset gets to the activity quickly and succinctly. The viewer is left with an action point they can do later today. This is a great way to provide value to the producers and viewers. The producers look for interesting content to put on the air and the viewer only tunes in if they are finding value in what you say. Most people think being on TV is an extension of ‘their news’ and quite frankly, no one cares about your business, service or product. What they do care about is how your business, service or product makes a difference in their lives and how you can educate them on living a better life. How are you keeping it short and sweet today?

Sex and Intimacy: Getting Who You Want to Be In Marriage

October 14, 2008

Yesterday I was talking to relationship expert, David Cunningham, who travels the globe teaching courses with Landmark Education. He’s preparing some new topics for the PR segments we offer the media together and I couldn’t help but notice what he said impacted me and my relationship with my husband, who is currently travelling in South America for four months by motorcycle. He said, “Lot’s of people focus on what they get from others in their relationships, which they have little control over. If they focus on who they get to be, they’ll find they have complete control over that and over the years, they’ll find, they have more fulfilling relationships.” I then remembered something about my husband that really works … I met him on years ago and we married in Costa Rica in 2006. One thing I put in my profile is I wanted to be adored, adored, adored (you know I repeated it ten times or so). Then I focused on being adoring with him when our relationship started and through the years. He’s returned the adoring behavior. I hadn’t quite put it like David Cunningham does, but boy, now that he’s distinguished that, I can vouch for it … it works. Good thing, David has about ten other successful insights like that one to have a fulfilling sexual and intimate relationship with our significant others.

Gossip – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

October 14, 2008

Does everyone gossip? How can you turn the gossip you hear into gold? I work with Deborah Beroset who’s led hundreds in seminars at Landmark Education and she understands the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY about gossip. “Listen for the complaint underneath the gossip,” she says – whether you find yourself unintentionally saying gossip or hearing it. Then, once you can see the actual complaint, like, “The boss is just giving us too much work and not enough hands,” then you can take it to the right person who can actually do something about it. Beroset is often interviewed by the media about gossip and other topics related to communication and human behavior. (I find myself actually using her solutions; not only pitching them! They work!) Check out her recent TV segment on the topic at KMOV St Louis.

Paul Newman and Missing My Husband

October 14, 2008

Paul Newman said when asked why his marriage to Joanne Woodward was so successful (which is rare in Hollywood), “Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home.”

I love this. That’s how I feel about my husband who is currently touring South America by his KTM motorcycle with his friend, Dan. It’s a great story of adventure and living life large.

New Year’s Resolutions

October 14, 2008

Some times my life, like most media people working with magazines, feel like we’re in a time warp. We work on a three to six month lead time. Today, I’m living in January writing about the New Year. Back to the future, baby. Gosh, about six of my clients can talk about how to make New Year’s Resolutions stick!

time warp


a hypothetical eccentricity in the progress of time that would allow movement back and forth between eras or that would permit the passage of time to be suspended.