Movie Moxie

Are you tying your news releases into popular movies? Recently, we tied PR outreach to the very popular environmental movie, The Lorax (one of my personal favorites from Dr. Seuss; second fav is “Oh The Places You’ll Go”). Our client, Landmark Education, inspired one if its graduates to plant 1 million trees in Ethopia with their course, Self Expression and Leadership. It’s also the course where my business partner Drew Gerber and I met. (Did you know that about Drew? He taught my course. Well, he is quite self-expressed. He’s also quite a leader. We teach each other a lot — even to this day almost two decades later.)  PR coverage is already rolling in. A TV show is looking at doing something next week on this “real life Lorax” we know impacting a whole country with his enviromental leadership. So when the Hollywood reels apply to real life, tie it in. Media venues love it.


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