Break Breaking News

Want media coverage? The best way to get media coverage is to be of service to the media. In fact, here’s a secret tip I’ve been using lately … Skype. You say what’s so special about that tip? You say you’ve been using Skype for years? Well, are you taping yourself using sound-bites related to breaking news, though? It’s the quickest way for the major media to get an understanding of what you’ll say on what’s breaking today in the news and it gives them a sense of what you look like. Consider, our Wasabi Publicity client, Dr. Raymond Hamden who specializes in forensic psychology. When he came on board, I shot a quick Skype video demonstrating how he’d classify the four types of terrorists. Watch the video of Dr. Hamden and ask yourself, how can you break into breaking news today with your own sound-bites and your own analysis of how to make sense of a tragedy being reported in the news. And maybe your topic is lighter. That’s okay. Then talk about how to have fun. The media covers St. Patrick’s Day just as much as they cover war. After you shoot the video, add the clip to your online press kit or send it to your media contacts via email. The bottom line is, just break out your voice. Skype’s a great media megaphone for the job.


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