Location, location, location

On Tuesday, I got our client Landmark Education mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. Okay, but back up. That’s not a first for my company Wasabi Publicity. Years ago we had Grameen Foundation mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. What is a first, is the article was teased on the front page of the paper above the masthead. You’ve seen those teasers while walking by a daily newspaper kiosk. It’s the article that screams, “You have to buy me. I’m the article that will change your life!” Tuesday’s paper not only screamed, “How to Fight and Stay Friends” but it also had two color photos to boot. See, what you have to understand about newspapers is this … ink is expensive. Ink real estate is everything. Especially in today’s digital, on-demand media world. The editors carefully plan out editorial, advertising, photos and headlines to best attract you, the reader. So the front page above the masthead (ie: the one everyone reads while walking by the kiosks) can arguably be the most valuable “piece of real estate” in a daily newspaper. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal is a significant global paper, not just an American daily. So, for me this is for sure a career-high. I’m so excited for my client and I’m really excited for the columnist. It’s not every day a column or article is teased on the front page like that so it’s just a great placement all the way around. I also loved how the column had interactive videos and illustrations to demonstrate the content and steps. You could have been interviewed for the article too. The request for couple interviews was at our free media lead service PitchRate. Get in relationship with journalists and help them out! They are just looking for that one good story to make their jobs easier. Your story could be the one for them. There are many arguments in the world of PR about how valuable an editorial placement is compared to advertising, but let’s face it. Just like in real estate, location is everything. Whether it’s an ad or an ‘earned media placement’ (ie: editorial coverage), the front page teaser is prime. Color photos, interactive videos and the global reach … well, that just makes the article a ‘must-see.’


8 Responses to Location, location, location

  1. I found your website on another site. It contains wonderful and helpful posts. I have read most of them and got a lot from them. Don’t stop writing articles, because I would become lost!

  2. Michelle, congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment.

    I remember you way back when you first signed up for my Mentor Program. You’ve come such a long way, and you’re one of the publicists I refer people to when they tell me they need top media placements.

    Well done.

    • Joan, I really appreciate your comments. When I signed up for your Mentor Program in 2003 (wasn’t it that year?), I knew I had a weakness with really knowing the behind-the-scenes activities at daily papers. TV & Radio peeps were like me; dramatic and theatrical (you know I have a theater degree and learned PR in Chicago while I was in undergraduate school at DePaul, but never worked at a daily newspaper.). Your background working at business/daily papers really helped me understand the subtle needs of print reporters. You taught me their needs are distinct from broadcast journalists. (For example, guess who DIDN’T get a fruit basket this time.) So, I really, really, really appreciate your mentoring program. Plus, I have yet to find another person on the face of the planet who writes headlines like you do. (wink) Look, after all these years, the front page of arguably one of the most internationally read papers… it doesn’t get any bigger than this. 😉 PS: I’m helping the WSJ with yet another article this week. I love what I do.

    • If people want to see Joan’s bloggin about how I plan to republicize this, check out this http://www.business2community.com/public-relations/15-ways-to-publicize-a-major-publicity-hit-026176

  3. Thank you for an additional terrific article. Where else could anyone get that kind of facts in such a ideal way of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m on the look for such facts.

  4. […] Saturday. I’m so excited. You’ll recall how excited I was to get the front page of the Wall Street Journal last year. Front page coverage is oh so rare in PR. While scoring front page may be hard, […]

  5. […] Masthead teaser of the Wall Street Journal for my client Landmark Education.  Here’s my blog post in case you can use it and remind people you were my mentor years ago!!!!  You helped me understand […]

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