More peeps needed! Help me complete my MASTERS THESIS (10 yrs in the making OMG … well, I’ve been working 😉 and take 5 minutes to do this survey (okay 15 if you’re a ‘talker’) The research will also appear in an upcoming book, after my thesis is complete.  First! I need to graduate May 15 and so time is a ticking. Do a good deed and take my survey 🙂 Thanks in advance.

2 Responses to Graduation!

  1. Nancy Bell says:

    Hi, Michelle – Nancy Bell, Pleasant Acres RV Park, LaFeria, Texas. I was going to do your survey, but the times you refer to I had 2 1/2 kids & in a pretty happy marriage to Sammy. Good luck with your Masters Thesis.

    • Nancy, sorry if that’s confusing. That’s the years for “cultural historical” conversation and has no bearing on your years. I have to discuss in my thesis what’s happening in history. Go ahead and take it! – Michelle

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