Ads and PR

Today I spoke at the Asheville NC chapter of the American Advertising Federation.  Are you using PR to complement your advertising? How do they work together? A while back, I was interviewed by CNN Money to discuss the two and how to use both together.

Here’s what I discussed today! I took video if you couldn’t make it. (Links below.) Be sure to sign up for a complementary online marketing training program when you sign up to be an expert at Pitch Rate – this way you can receive the actual pitch I used to land a client on Dr. Phil within 8 hours of her signing her contract. Plus, you’ll get actual media leads.

From AAE’s newsletter about the presentation … (links to video from the actual presentation have been added post-event)

How to Use Public Relations to
Complement Your Advertising Strategy
with PR Expert Michelle Tennant

A finely honed ad might get you noticed. A strategically placed print or broadcast news story about your product or service can get you instant credibility, raise awareness about your business, position you as a respected “expert,” and drive new customers to your door.

“Storyteller to the Media” Michelle Tennant shares tips on how to harness the power of effective public relations. A 20-year public relations veteran and co-owner of Wasabi Publicity and Blue Kangaroo, Michelle will discuss the way PR defines your relationship to the public; why you need to tie your pitches into current events; how to create and nurture positive, effective relationships with the media and the elements of the perfect pitch.

Added post-event:

There are media clips we played on the large screen and discussed. 1) a clip using celebrity breaking news 2) a clip that illustrated a seasonal holiday tie-in and 3) a print media placement that repurposes content also used in TV coverage.

After watching the four videos above of the presentation, feel free to end with this brainstorming session we had with the participants present.



2 Responses to Ads and PR

  1. Gary James says:

    Michelle, it was great seeing (and hearing) you again. As always, excellent information and enlightening. I am sure we’ll be doing some business together in the near future. And, sorry for keeping you in the FLORIDA HOT heat afterward. I was comfortably wearing a cotton short sleeve shirt while your business suit was fusing to your body in the furnace that was downtown. Take care.

  2. Gary: I just re-read your comment. It’s so funny. – Michelle

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