Hello, think Jello!

 Don’t take yourself too seriously. Think of Jello instead. It jiggles. It wiggles. It makes us giggle. Especially in interviews, think of Jello. Hello! Yes, I said Jell-O! While you’re speaking to media contacts or doing media interviews are you taking yourself too seriously? Lighten up. I was kayaking once with a daily newspaper contact and she said one woman kept calling her, literally yelling at her in the phone asking her why she wouldn’t write an article about her topic. Whew. That is not the way to win media coverage on anything. Nor is it the way to win friends. This is especially true in controversial interviews where many times the public is watching a debate choosing which side to take. People gravitate toward people who have fun in life and so will the media. I mean, most of us would invite hysterical Joy Behar but I’m not so sure what type of people would invite blood-rising Rush Limbaugh. So giggle. Jiggle. And put some whipped cream on that media coverage.

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