Email Etiquette

Do you have email etiquette? I mean, do you take someone’s email and automatically include them on some time-wasting joke email list-serve? You know what I’m talking about. Someone gets your email address and then all of a sudden you’re on some sort of joke email list. Shoot, one time I was copied on an email where hundreds of other people were copied. I couldn’t believe the sender didn’t hide our emails. Well, do what I did… think like a publicist, meaning, always be pitching, plugging and promoting. Years ago I made a work email policy to “reply all” to ALL emails I get where people are carbon copied outright. You could get introduced to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people out there via emails where you’re boldly copied and viola, instant and easy PR. Try it. (Just watch your P’s and Q’s when you do.) At the very least, it will make people think twice about putting your email address on an email list-serve without your permission. I’ve gotten new business, higher Google ratings and unfortunately tongue-lashings as a result. But hey, I’m a publicist. Take a risk. Put yourself out there and get introduced. Like I always say, “It’s not just who you know. It’s also who knows about you.”


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