Generation Gap

Are you using generational differences to impact media coverage? My client, columnist Tonja Weimer has one story angle about dating over 40 and here is a placement in Diva Toolbox. See how she uses an age-old (pun intended) topic of dating but puts a fresh spin on it — over 40. Viola, who wouldn’t be interested. Even twenty somethings are reading it for their moms. Maybe 40 is the new 30 afterall. Whew, thank goodness. As you know I turned 40 last August! Take age-old topics and spin some fun into them.


One Response to Generation Gap

  1. Jan Marshall says:

    Let’s not leave out Granny in the dating scene, though if 40 is the new 30, 20 the new 10 so then 65-70 must be the new 50. No wonder women lie about their age. How can any one recall their true birth day or one the media made up?
    I write for women of a certain age-pick one,
    My most recent dating experiences included a 60 year old from “Schlemiels on Wheels” who arrived on a skateboard, a Dermatologist who wrote “The 7 Joys of Effective Itching”. (He bought me a dozen bottles of Calamine Lotion for Valentine’s Day). I scratched him off my list.
    Recently,I became so excited when I won a raffle for a mechanical man. Finally, I just knew that all my fantasy’s would finally be full filled. Oops. It was from an automobile repair shop. It turned out I had won a free oil change…for my car. I had shaved my legs for nothing.
    I can’t wait to meet Oedipus, my blind date for tonght. He said he really is in to “family”.
    Hugs, By the way if you have any questions
    write me at

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