The Miracle on 34th Street

Do you think you should recommend your competition? I do. Be the Macy’s in your industry. Instead of turning people away, do like we do and see everyone as potential partners, not problems. My friend (and mentor), Joan Stewart, advised me of that 8 years ago. Joan said, “There’s enough business to go around.” Even in this economy, I truly believe that. People can sense whether or not you have an abundant outlook or scarcity mind-set and seeing everyone else as competition comes from fear, not fun. And who doesn’t want to have fun in business! If we can make a good living and enjoy what we do every day, I’m all for it. So, be the real deal … just like the ‘real’ Santa in that famous movie — recommend your clients to your competition. You know what, you’ll even find out that a few miracles come to you as a result. When I was at the Empire State Building last October (see video in the post) or even this past Thursday (video wasn’t great because they’re doing renovations) I pondered about Macy‘s as I looked at their building from the top of King Kong’s favorite skyscraper. It’s true, we have to be aware of what our competition is doing and how we are distinct and special from what they offer, but hey, like Joan said, “There is abundant business for everyone.” Through the years, I find that’s more and more true. So, ask me about my competition and you’ll only hear good things from me about them. Why? I might partner with them some day. And so should you.


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