Book Marketing Today

Check out PitchRate today, because I’m interviewed about the 21st Century Book Marketing Event. Drew Gerber and I discuss what I taught and learned at the event. It really was great and if you’re wanting to publicize your book, today, this event is a one-stop shop on how to expedite your efforts. Arielle Ford presented this event and as you know she is the force behind the bestselling authors Jack Canfield, Debbie Ford and Deepak Chopra.

2 Responses to Book Marketing Today

  1. Jan Marshall says:

    Michelle,thankfully, I was there! You were amazingly informative and so accessible. While I had some knowledge in marketing my newest project, “Stretch Marks the Book; Ageless Wisdom for Sexy Old Broads” (which is a playful endurance option), I am now fully informed. In fact I am considering changing my name to Al Einstein. Perhaps I’ll compete with that other search place; maybe start my own See how you inspire? Wow, you are great!
    Thank you,Guru Michelle Jan Marshall

  2. Oh Jan, I am so excited you’re inspired. How cool! You go!!!! Keep me posted!

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