Bye Bye Boring Bios


Did you miss last night’s PR Happy Hour at PitchRate? No worries … I’m hooking you up here. Below is the promo of the call and the recording. Enjoy! ~ Michelle


Is your bio a snoozer, a loser, a fuddy duddy? Get your bio in its best shape. After all, your bio is your media calling card. Boring bio = no PR results. All the time. Every time. So, get your bio polished and learn the top secrets to making your bio the butter to your bread. With close to a half century of experience between them, PR experts Nancy Juetten, founder Main Street Media Savvy and Michelle Tennant Nicholson, co-owner Wasabi Publicity discuss the do’s and don’ts around bio brainstorming. Turn your tired-ole tale into one that tickles your bottom line and your PR results. This is a conversation you cannot afford to miss. (By the way, it was one of PitchRate‘s most attended PR Happy Hours to date. Lots of people want to kiss their boring bios good-bye!)

In this PR Happy Hour you’ll learn about:

1) A ‘disease’ afflicting most bios,

2) Bio-writing pitfalls (a must for media experts!),

3) Different bio styles preferred by broadcast and print reporters,

4) The four bio must-haves,

5) The five steps to refreshing your bio,

6) Incorporating media placements into a bio to score more media coverage,

7) Using bios with your website and online press kits like,

8 ) Using your bio to further your social networking and media relationship building,

9) Scoring breaking news and seasonal media coverage with a bio.

An effective bio helps clients and media connect with you. Find out what your bio is missing and why you’re losing media placements and new business opportunities. At the end of the call, two participants get their bios made-over. Learn from these two examples how to maximize your bio for better PR results and a better bottom line. (Right click this to download the call.)


2 Responses to Bye Bye Boring Bios

  1. Michelle,

    Thanks for collaborating with me on a GREAT call for PitchRate. The fan mail is rolling in so I know that the content we covered is touching on a universal need.

    Let’s collaborate again soon to see what more we can cook up to delight, educate, and inspire your PitchRate community!

    All the best,


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