Time Crimes

Time Crimes
As you know, this August I’ve been implementing what Karen Leland discussed in July’s Publicity Results teleseminar. If you didn’t hear it, sign up for it for free and listen to it today! It’s a VIP teleseminar and it’s no cost to you, so why are you waiting? No time? Well, that’s a crime, isn’t it? And it’s one Karen discusses: common time crimes that keep you from implementing PR. Leveraging free PR resources is the biggest time crime in your PR plan. What about making sure you’re organized? Get all your PR stuff in one place and online so all your search terms are optimized. Then reporters will find you.

But I have to admit, time blocking Karen teaches is the most important tip. I’ve been blocking periods of time to get in action tasks and wow, I’ve created some miracles this month. But I’m too busy to report on them. No, wait! I’ll block some time out in September to describe what I planned, how I implemented what was planned and the result. Like major mags. Like CBS TV. Like NPR radio. I love my job. Say no to your ‘time crimes’ too and just make it happen.

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