Read the Paper? Do dogs? If they’re lucky.

Using the internet to get your news instead of your paper? Well, for local news, guess what’s best? It’s still the daily paper. How do I know? I was surprised that tons of people called from the paper about the stray dog we found and recuperated the past seven weeks. The listing on Craigslist? Nada. Just a bunch of spam. After I got no responses from the internet, I decided to call our local daily paper and they put a listing in at no charge. Viola, tons of calls. It’s nice to know the local media is still making an impact after all the national news that they’re struggling. For the stray dog we call, “Lucky,” he’s lucky people still read the paper. Reach out to your local media — it’s the best way to make a local impact. Lucky’s glad everyone’s reading. He’s got a new home, after-all.


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