Life Starts at 40


Well, I did it. I turned 40 last Wednesday. Life begins now, right? Well it certainly did last week. Whew! Talk about bringing in the big 40 in style. Sunday I was taken out to dinner by some friends and had whipped cream slammed in my face along with a huge sombrero placed on my head. After a bit it gave me a headache and to see the photos, connect with me on Facebook (see 411 page above). Tuesday I had 100 princess carrot cake cupcakes delivered to my personal growth and development seminar so this summer baby could finally be the birthday girl in class. (Never got to in grade school.) Wednesday I saw a bear while eating dinner here in the Blue Ridge Parkway/Smoky Mountain area with my business partner, his partner and my husband. See my YouTube channel for that footage. It’s very cool. Thursday my whitewater kayaking buddy, Angie, baked me two carrot cakes (guess that’s what I need to be eating more of — carrots) and a bunch of raft guides sang “Happy Birthday” and also played me the harmonica (again — see YouTube channelfor footage.)  Finally, over the weekend, my husband and I went to New Orleans to party in style. The best part was pinning a $1 to your lapel and having everyone wish you a happy birthday or pin another dollar on you. Too much fun. Yes, footage at YouTube. Don’t miss seeing all the men in red dresses. There were many events in New Orleans, as there is always, and this weekend it happened to be the Dirty Laundry Art Walk and the Red Dress Run. Plus, we went on a ghost tour where we met other birthday goers who too had on dollars on their lapels. No, they’re not ghosts; they were 30 year olds. [Breathe.] Well, there is so much to say about what took place. Just watch the videos — OH — and during August I’m integrating Karen Leland’s tips for time management and updating my blog here on how we do. You can read more about her tips when you sign up at our VIP Publicity Results MP3 section.

And now, my first work week at being 40. Guess I better get a subscription to More Magazine now.

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