Ads vs. PR


Maybe you didn’t see me mentioned in CNNMoney’s article about advertising versus PR. Read it and comment, if you like. Short of it is, most people say both advertising and PR work and you should do them together not separately. Well, that’s essentially what I said in the article and people who commented, agreed.  So let me underscore that because every day my firm works with people who like to be reminded of this. You need both! Yes, you do! Many times marketing efforts are undermined because one leg (either PR or advertising) isn’t as strong and focused as it could be. The best way to work with your publicist, or to do PR yourself, is to ensure your earned media outreach is working alongside your marketing efforts. A great way to do this is to combine key messaging. For example, let’s say your seminar company may boast great results in people being able to question their automatic perceptions about something after they take your courses. Well, maybe your summer media outreach includes information, tips and tools about people’s perceptions about vacations and why “staycations” (time off at home) may be the best break of all. Then you can work in your “perception” key messaging in the interview and then again in your ads.  If you want to learn more about key messaging and how it works with your advertising and PR (and do that for free) I recommend you sign up for a free VIP membership where you will find years and years of coaching and marketing recordings to learn more.

One Response to Ads vs. PR

  1. Leah Oviedo says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I have found that PR is great for getting attention about your brand. Advertising is great for keeping your brand in your customers life.

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