Stomp It


Today being a media expert is about being searchable on the internet. Yesterday’s Page Six has become today’s Google Page One. How do you become “noticed” online when you start? Easy. Make sure you’re using SEO or aka search engine optimzation. At my PR firm, Wasabi Publicity Inc., we automatically optimize all our clients using Press Kit 24/7 which boasts some of the most effective SEO back-ended coding I’ve seen in the industry yet. I’m thrilled with how quickly our online press kits and clients get noticed. You can also maximize your presence online by using social networking tools.  Just keep learning when it comes to making a splash online. It’s ever-evolving. Before you know it, you’ll be stomping it too, just like the rhino I photographed last fall during my Disney vacation above.


One Response to Stomp It

  1. Hi Michelle, Social Media Marketing is the easiest and most effect to not only drive your own SEO but also allow you to start positioning your expertise and industry experience. Then start developing relationships with your followers/friends to really “Pave it Forward”.

    Mike D. Merrill
    Chief Bacon Maker and Marketing Strategist
    Bacon Marketing
    twitter @mikedmerrill

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