To Tweet Or Not To Tweet


This week, I set up a segment with Fox and Friends for my client, Joel Comm called, “To Tweet or Not to Tweet.” I saw Steve Strauss’ USA Today Column where he proposes might be a waste of time. It was a great segment. Watch for it on Fox and Friend’s strategy room. Setting up a debate style conversation between experts and offering the opposing views assists media friends in producing a nice segment with little work on their end. Try it. What can you debate about today? People love a great debate! And so does the media.

4 Responses to To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

  1. if you put a RT button on here I’d send this out to my group – we would love to see this and would like the heads up.

    I just started following you – if you have this as a tweet – let me know and I will go and find it – and RT from there. Thanks!

  2. Here is the link to the Fox and Friends segment we’ve been waiting for now up on YouTube:

  3. Phyllis says:

    Thanks! I saw your post on my blog about it – I will send it out.

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