Stand Up for Yourself

Good Morning America reported yesterday that those of us who sit for a living will raise our chances of dying earlier by 50%. Dag. I sit at a computer for a living. The alternative? Get a job outside, I guess.16523-royalty-free-clipart-illustration-of-group-of-silver-men-standing-proud-in-rowsBut I’m pretty sure I have a great job and I’m not too interested in changing it. Why fix something that ain’t broke? So, lately my chiropractor has me sitting on one of those big balls to help my spine and I guess I can stand up while I’m on the phone and don’t need to take notes (that’s never). So, I guess I’m on my way out early. But, hey, I have started running 3 miles in the mornings in anticipation of my 40th birthday August 2009. I want to do the Tsali Triathlon and need to actually run, bike and kayak well to do it. So, the mid-life fat is getting attacked once and for all. Meanwhile, while I’m on the phone calling reporters giving “good dial and smile” phone jobs, I’ll be standing or bouncing on my rubber ball. Life’s too short to do something you don’t love. And I love to talk and give good phone. The secrets of a great publicist. Now, I must bid adieu — see me bouncy, bouncy — I’ve got some NY-based producer friends needing a call back. And don’t forget … if you sit for a living too — stand up for yourself. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Life’s short.


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