Say No to Press Releases

I’ve been doing a lot of new client calls lately and the one thing I have to keep distinguishing for them is why press releases make the media feel less than special. You may have to do a press release if you’re a corporate entity and need the message to be searched on news wire services in the future, but that is the only reason to use a press release. It’s not the way to score the coveted news features clients always want. That is done with ‘dial and smile’ phone calls and personalized emails. Get to know your media targets and make them feel special. Make an effort to read their articles and tune into their shows. Otherwise, they will not be interested in your ‘scoop’ because guess what, it’s not a scoop when it’s in a press release on the wire service. It’s a world announcement and will be treated as such. To ensure that message gets out there, issue a release. It’s the only guaranteed way. If you’re wanting the credibility-building news coverage, do it the old fashioned way — enrolling people into what you’re doing and who you are. With social networking sites, it’s easier than ever. Seek out your favorite media on all your fav spots. For sure, link to me. Check out this blogs “411” page for all my profiles and get to know me. I’d love to see what you’re up to. My clients are at the bottom right hand nav bar on this page so of course, you can get a sense of what I’m working on. Let me know what you’re working on. Maybe there’s a fit!

2 Responses to Say No to Press Releases

  1. Robin Hardy says:

    I am working on my radio show new series, “The False Perfect” and the release of my book entitled the same “The False Perfect; Learning to love who you are the way you are”.

  2. Did you do a press release on it? I would suggest a lot of other strategies first.

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