Walking the Plank

My husky Lou Lou waiting for a bite of fish.

My husky Lou Lou waiting for a bite of fish.

Ever do something risky? That’s what business is all about, right? What if you upset your competition. I say, hooray, that means you’re on the playing board and people are noticing you walk the plank. If it was quiet, well then, you might at well shut up shop. Competition? Well, let’s look at Long John Silvers featured hat on my husky in today’s post. My husband, mother and I didn’t start out on a trek to eat at the “throw boring overboard” diner. Instead, we were actually after Applebees, but goodness their neighbors were waiting an hour for that processed food. No thanks. I don’t care if my mom had a Christmas gift certificate or not. Our stomachs were growling and when we walked out of Applebees, well – the fish of the sea were calling next door. So we ate fish and talked about the Fridays we ate fish at Captain D’s another ‘great little seafood place.’ In the end, do you really know the difference between this fried fish or the next? I say, not really. In the end, what makes the difference is visibility and being there. So, if you want to be the catch of the sea, make it happen by being noticed on the internet. Otherwise, you too will be thrown overboard in business. See all our photos with Long J hats.


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