1000 Words

A pride of cheetahs

A pride of cheetahs

How do you tell your story? Today, it better be with visuals, like photos. Our society is too fast paced and too visually stimulated by others to not have the extra goody of, “Mom, I like to read, but let’s see the photo” satisfaction. In the photo above, I’m with my mother, my husky “Lou Lou” and a dog, Earl, we’re babysitting while my friend Dan rides his motorcycle from North Carolina to Argentina. We had this photo taken on Halloween at our local pet store, Pet Source, and I love it. In a second you can see me, the people (pets) I love and my sense of humor. Maybe you don’t like the photo, but I bet you can agree it’s eye-catching. You think what’s that? (It did win an award at the store, by the way and we got $50 which we of course put right back into the Innova pet food we buy there each month.) Headshots are necessary, but you need more than that when you’re telling your story to the media. Because, let’s face it, head shots are boring – or can be boring. You need that photo that speaks 1000 words about your story. Take a photo of you in action with your clients or working with your community. Then, the media will take notice because you have another offering — something visual for them to educate, entertain and tell your story to the public. A photo … who doesn’t love to see photos!?! The media’s the same.

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