Got tech?

Click on the image to learn more about Dan's classes.

Click on the image to learn about Dan's classes.

Today I heard about a publicist whose email addresses on the web and those she’s giving people this week are bouncing. And when told about it, she didn’t seem surprised – she just gave another email address. Hmm. Does your publicist give good tech? She better or you’re losing a lot of ops with the media. Today the media seeks experts on the Internet so if you don’t have ALL your information optimized on the internet then you’ll be bypassed. We’re working with Dan Hollings on a new project so check him out above. Click the image to learn about his upcoming classes. He’s just an internet God and if you need help, check him out. If you’re wanting to optimize your media presence online, be sure to get an online press kit with Press Kit 24/7 which optimizes everything automatically. If you ask your publicist about online press kits and they say, “What?” get another publicist immediately. Shoot call me. Or, if you’re a publicist and you say, “Why online press kits,” quit being a publicist, or call me for help. Get tech or get out.

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