Press Releases

Gingerbread House from Grove Park Inn and Spa (yes, it's all food)

Gingerbread House from Grove Park Inn and Spa (yes, it's all food)

Face it. Press releases don’t work. Why? Media feel like, well, if it’s released out on the wire as a release, everyone and their mother knows about the ‘news’ — it’s no longer a scoop. If your message is truly breaking (like a fire) then okay, issue a release. To get results, generate personalized pitches in the form of an email, phone call and cover letter targeting your prized media contacts. Get to know them and work your expertise and press information inside what they want, not what you think the media ‘should’ cover. That rarely works and is more likely to be trashed and worse, annoy your targets. Let’s look at the example above. The Grove Park Inn and Spa issues press documents related to their gingerbread competition. They may issue releases on the winners after they’re chosen, but you can bet your bottom jelly bean that they make phone calls to the major media they want to cover the gingerbread competition BEFORE they issue the press release to the world at large. It’s only smart. It’s the ‘scoop’ the major media want. The only other reason to issue a press release is to be ‘found’ on the Internet when the media searches for your topics, business and expertise. But a good online press kit with back-end coding, like Press Kit 24/7 does much better at getting you noticed than an old crusty press release.


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