Well, we made it back to Asheville from the taxi cab accident in Peru and you can see from our photos that my husband’s hopping along just fine on his crutches. For New Year’s we went to the world-famous Grove Park Inn and Spa near our our home in the Smoky Mountains. They have a Gingerbread House competition every year that attracts thousands of people and tons of media coverage. If you ever wanted to do a contest to promote yourself, model your plans after the Grove Park Inn’s gingerbread house competition. Others even use it to promote – check out a video from a travel site featuring the city of Asheville.  I noticed the Inn and Spa added more shops to their complex to capture some revenue from all the gingerbread traffiic. Brilliant. Even the local daily newspaper is finding a way to generate revenue off the contest. A good contest can be PR magic and lend itself to prosperous new years time and time again. The entries themselves are not only all food, they’re pieces of artwork. The carousel, by the way, was the winner. Notice the detail. Just amazing. Here’s wishing you a great new year, too, and if you do a contest, let me know. It’s one of my PR firm’s favorite things to promote.

My husband and I celebrate New Year's at the Grove Park Inn and Spa

My husband and I celebrate New Year's at the Grove Park Inn and Spa click on the photo to see a gallery of more photos including our tour of their gingerbread competition; the other woman in the photos is my mom, known as Oma to most.




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