Your PR campaign’s spokesperson is key. Who is it? Do they have credibility? If they don’t have the natural charisma as Santa, then get a new talking head for your PR goals. Your spokesperson must have appeal, credibility and be able to do media interviews. Sometimes it’s as easy as repeating 3-5 great tips to educate the public on your industry, service or product. But don’t be over-promotional. Media hate that. Simply educate the public on a topic and in turn the media will thank you with a plug. In the photo above, free Santa photos were offered in the lobby of a hotel/casino in Lima, Peru. In turn, they took our email addresses (to send the photo) and gave us candy marked with the hotel’s logo. Perfect spokesperson to draw the public (us) in. Merry Christmas!

2 Responses to Spokespeople

  1. Okay, so can I say you look hotter than a Chilean pepper? Yowzaa – that Pervian air is doing you some good. Hugs to Shannon – safe travels and a happy Holiday to you!!! XXOO ~Christine

  2. My wife is hot, isn’t she? “Casino Claus” complained about how hot he was, also, because of that thick white beard. From this guy with more hair than Papa Noel right now– I have to agree. Merry Christmas to all!

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