Making It Visual

My husband, Shannon Nicholson, is using a webcam with Skype while at a hospital in Lima, Peru to speak to a writer, Geoff Kohl, who is based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Can you say, “Meet George Jetson?”
Husband Shannon uses Webcam on Skype to add Visuals

Husband Shannon uses Webcam on Skype to add Visuals

Television producers always ask media experts, “How can you make what you say visual?” Bloggers and Vloggers use photos and videos. In today’s media saturated world, it’s imperative you make your information for public consumption visual. How do you do that? Well, for print venues, like newspapers and magazines, offer photos and sidebars. For TV, offer graphics and Broll. Let me say more about what I mean about that. Sidebars can be as simple as tips and steps. If you offer photos, don’t just offer a boring headshot. Offer an action shot. For example, in this photo of Shannon above, he is on the phone with a journalist while in a hospital … the photo helps tell the story. Media look for interesting photos and pull-out sidebar tips that help them sell newspapers and magazines. Does your photo draw people in? The same with graphics and Broll for TV. Broadcast producers are looking for Broll (video you own the rights to you can give to producers they can run in the background while you are on air with them). If you don’t have Broll or if the producer doesn’t accept Broll, then offer graphics and this can be short, three word tips they can show on screen while you’re talking on-air with them. And don’t forget about radio producers. They needs visuals, too. Not Broll necessarily, but for sure tips, articles and other goodies for their website they can promote while you’re on-air.

Make it visual. People get more interested.


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